How To Decorate For January And February?

non christmas winter decorations

The holiday season is over, and while you are yet to get enough rest, you are now considering January decor after Christmas. But first, take down the frills you’ve probably had up since mid-November. If you want to discover how to decorate for January and February, read on. We will unravel together exciting ideas for … Read more

Exploring the Unthinkable: What Does Human Poop Taste Like?

what does human poop taste like

Of all the subjects about our bodies, human poop tends to be considered disgusting. All the same, curious beings wonder, what does human poop taste like? It is a legitimate question, especially to discover our internal bodies’ processes and excretions.  Still, if one simply wants to know, read on as we unravel this bizarre topic. … Read more

Toilet Flushes But Poop Stays? Here’s Why

toilet flushes but poop stays

Picture this: You’re doing your business in the bathroom at your friend’s house. Everything’s going great, but when you push down on the lever to clear the waste, the toilet flushes but poop stays. Oh, crap! (pun intended) Now you have to sit there and wait for the tank to fill up so you can attempt … Read more

Can You Use Fabuloso On Carpet?

Can you use Fabuloso on carpet?

There are hundreds of housekeeping products in the market today, but Fabuloso is one of the most popular brands. Can you use Fabuloso on carpet? Absolutely! Fabuloso is excellent for most surfaces and materials in your home. It smells wonderful and will remove stains and dirt in multiple areas. Besides carpets, you can use to … Read more

Arms Too Short To Wipe? Here’s What To Do

Arms too short to wipe

Toilet hygiene is a simple task we learn early on, but it can be tricky for others. Some people struggle with arms too short to wipe after using the toilet. This often occurs in adults of different ages and body sizes. For such individuals, visiting the toilet is something they hate but have to deal … Read more

Why Is Canola Oil Banned In Europe?

Why is Canola Oil banned in Europe?

There have been rumours that canola oil is banned in Europe. While it is true that some countries in Europe find its components hazardous, the ban is a different story altogether. If you are still wondering why is canola oil banned in Europe? Read on as we discover its components and why the EU has … Read more

How To Melt Queso Fresco Perfectly

How to melt Queso Fresco

Queso Fresco, Spanish for ‘fresh cheese,’ is a staple in many Mexican dishes. If you are reading this, you’re probably frustrated and looking for tips on how to melt queso fresco. This mild, soft, tangy white cheese doesn’t melt well.  Queso fresco can melt; it won’t give you that creamy end product. Queso fresco melts … Read more

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