13 Beautiful Vase Filler Ideas

Creative Vase Filler Ideas

Vase fillers take up the unoccupied and sometimes awkward space in a vase, especially in a transparent or acrylic one. There are beautiful vase filler ideas that can turn a vase or floral arrangement into a gorgeous presentation. Vase fillers support flowers and weight your vase. They add texture and color to create a bespoke … Read more

13 Simple Fall Mantle Decor Ideas

fall mantle decor ideas

As we usher in the new season, there’s lots of fall mantle decor ideas I’d love to try this season for my living room. And I’d love you all to give it a try for a new look in your space. Spruce your home with cozy or stylishly odd decor that kick-starts the season for … Read more

Amazing 10 Grinch Christmas Decor Ideas

Grinch Christmas Decor Ideas

Are you looking to switch up your holiday decor this year? If so, then try the hot Grinch Christmas decor ideas making rounds on social media. It is the latest fad, and you can also incorporate a bit of Whoville into your home using the cute ornaments. These affordable, easy-to-assemble Christmas decorations will turn your … Read more

Toilet Flushes But Poop Stays? Here’s Why

toilet flushes but poop stays

Picture this: You’re doing your business in the bathroom at your friend’s house. Everything’s going great, but when you push down on the lever to clear the waste, the toilet flushes but poop stays. Oh, crap! (pun intended) Now you have to sit there and wait for the tank to fill up so you can attempt … Read more

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