Here’s How To Display Potpourri Around Your Home

Have you been wondering how to display potpourri around your home? The sweet scent and vibrant colors are an excellent addition to any space. They will transform your decor and aesthetics while keeping you and your loved ones in good spirits.

Read on to discover clever ways to bring the fragrant smell of fall and summer into your home using potpourri.

What is Potpourri?

While the name sounds exotic, potpourri is purely a mixture of crispy flowers, herbs, natural spices, and essential oils. They combine to give off a fresh aroma that mixes with fresh air for a refreshing home. 

how to display potpourri

Potpourri is placed inside containers with openings or on open bowls for home use to allow the scent to diffuse quickly. In addition, numerous potpourri decoration ideas exist to keep your home smelling nice throughout the year. You can display these potpourri bowls anywhere in your home, including bathrooms, offices, and bedrooms. 

Thanks to their natural properties, they will release wonderful scents while absorbing any unwanted odor. Although most people have yet to trace the exact origins of potpourri, the French began this popular trend.

For centuries, humans have used plants to extract their potent properties for various uses. Among the crucial benefits is using dry flowers to freshen the air. The French hung dying flowers in clay bowls around their homes, and today, potpourri is a standard part of decor. 

Making Potpourri

While you can easily purchase potpourri in your local store, you can have fun with DIY potpourri. The beauty of doing it yourself is experimenting with different fragrances separately or as a mix.

We all have different tastes and preferences, and having the option of choosing your potpourri is exciting. You can combine different flavors and color schemes to find the perfect fit for your home. Imagine discovering a new scent that could become a small business opportunity.

Here’s a simple step-by-step process of making DIY potpourri. 

What You Will Need:

  • Flowers. Select flowers based on your color and scent preference. If you stick to low tones, choose those and add fragrance using additives. On the other hand, if you love intense aromas, select those that require less use of essential oils. Some of the blooms you can use for potpourri are lavender, tulips, rose, and marigolds, among others.
  • Natural Herbs and Spices. Gather aromatic whole spices and herbs in moderation, as you do not want to overwhelm your mix. These include eucalyptus, thyme, rosemary, sage, and so on.
  • Essential Oils. These are necessary, as they add a spicy aroma to potpourri. Depending on your liking, you can choose two different types. You can only discover new things by being open to experimentation.
  • Fixative. As the component that will absorb the scent of your flowers for slow release, choose a good one. You want your potpourri to stay floral for longer. Buy either cellulose, oak moss, or orris root.
  • Container. You will need somewhere to place your flowers, so have a ceramic or glass bowl ready.

Steps For DIY Potpourri

Step 1: Separate the blooms from their stems and place them into your container. Add the herbs and spices but in smaller quantities.

Step 2: Add your fixative to the mixture, usually a tablespoon or two, then pour a few drops of the essential oils.

Step 3: Allow the mixture to dry in the open for about 2-3 weeks. Alternatively, you can use the oven for a few hours, being careful to avoid scorching the contents.

Step 4: Once dry, add more drops of the essential oils and place them in your container of choice. Lastly, place it on any surface around the house so that it can spread the beautiful scent.

While this process requires fresh or wilting flowers, you can use dry ones if readily available. Ensure you also shake up your potpourri container every few days to release the sweet aroma. 

Creative Ideas On How To Display Potpourri

There are several exciting ways you can make use of potpourri. Besides being an air freshener, it beautifies your surfaces, adding texture to your home.

Some of the creative ways to display potpourri include:

Simmering Potpourri

You can boil your potpourri mixture for an instant scent. Besides flowers, you can add citrus fruits to the boiling mixture for a clean smell. However, this only lasts for a while, and you must keep watch to prevent burning. Check out this simmering potpourri recipe.

Coffee table centerpiece

Brighten your living room by placing a decorative potpourri bowl on your coffee table. Not only is it a pretty to-look-at decor piece, but it also smells lovely. Your guests will enjoy the sifting aroma as they gather for a chat.

Suitcases and Gym Bags

We know gym bags can get musty from our dirty gym shoes and clothes. Having a few potpourri sachets in your bag will keep your clean items smelling fresh. If you use your suitcases sparingly, storing them with a few potpourri bags will ensure they are ready for your next trip.

Party Favors

Have you been thinking of a unique thank-you gift for your visitors? Pack a few potpourri bags to gift your loved ones if you have a party, especially in celebration of a new home. You can have them in baskets or tie the bags with colorful ribbons for a worthy display. Here’s a unique way to pack potpourri and gift to your family and friends.

Potpourri Car Freshener

Pack smaller packets of potpourri mixture into a sachet and hang it on the rearview mirror or under the seats. Find other spots to hide them, and your car will smell fresh throughout.

Burning Potpourri

Use a burner or tie your flowers in a bundle and burn them to release your scents. Place a small potpourri mixture onto a burner, add fragrant oil, and use a candle to diffuse it. The heat slowly releases lovely fumes into your space.

Closet Potpourri

Do your clothes get stuffy in the closet, especially seasonal items you wear occasionally? Throwing in a few packs of potpourri sachets into the closet will keep them scented. Place them inside coat pockets and boots for a lasting aroma.

Fragrant Laundry

You do not have to rely on dryer sheets when doing laundry. Instead, pack your potpourri into socks and throw it into your dryer for a new fragrance.

Carpet Freshener

Before vacuuming your carpets, sprinkle some potpourri and let it rest for a while. The scent will soak in, leaving your rugs smelling good after every clean.

Bathroom Potpourri

Most people wonder how to display potpourri in the bathroom. It is as simple as placing sachets or potpourri bowls on all safe surfaces and enjoying the natural air freshener. Fill your bath time with whiffs of beautiful scents for extreme relaxation.

Tips On How To Display Potpourri

When it comes to display, there are numerous potpourri container ideas. Shape and size do not matter if your home smells terrific all year. Some of the best ways to display potpourri are:

Glass Vases

Find the right size glass vase to display your mixture. It can be a miniature vase or large enough to fill a large room.

Wooden Bowls

Wood is a versatile decorative item, and using a wooden bowl to display potpourri will match your rustic theme.

Ceramic Plates

Handmade ceramic bowls add texture to your decor and are perfect for showcasing your potpourri.

Mason Jars

If you prefer a cleaner look, pour potpourri into mason jars with unique perforated lids. They are out of pet’s and children’s reach while looking stylish and unique.

Quick Facts About Display Potpourri

How long does potpourri last?

Potpourri can last a few weeks to months, depending on how you display it. If in an airtight container, it can last years. Otherwise, refresh it every few weeks if it is in an open bowl in a busy room. Keep adding essential oils to your DIY potpourri for longer, fragrant scents.

Which are the best places to display potpourri?

While you can display potpourri anywhere in your home, shelves, counters, and tables are perfect locations. In addition, when it comes to the rooms, you can have potpourri in your bathroom, laundry room, and garage. You do not have to limit good smells to living rooms, bedrooms, and home offices.

Is potpourri safe?

While dry potpourri is safe at home, please keep your pets and children from ingesting it. Should they accidentally swallow it, consult a vet or doctor, as it can irritate their stomachs. Always store all liquid fragrant oils away from babies and pets, as they can be toxic.

How can I store potpourri?

Seal your dry contents in an airtight container and place them in a cool, bare location, essential for potpourri. As a result, you can reuse it for years.

How do you use potpourri oil?

Since potpourri loses fragrance over time, pouring some essential oils keeps it alive. Alternatively, you can add it to water and spray it onto your curtains, couches, or clothing for natural perfume.

Final Thoughts

While flowers and herbs have numerous uses, discovering how to display potpourri in your home will transform your space. Furthermore, you can create your signature fragrance by mixing aromas. Try making a batch today. You will be surprised how simple the process is, and above all, your home will have a new and wonderful scent. 

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