13 Simple Fall Mantle Decor Ideas

As we usher in the new season, there’s lots of fall mantle decor ideas I’d love to try this season for my living room. And I’d love you all to give it a try for a new look in your space. Spruce your home with cozy or stylishly odd decor that kick-starts the season for you and your loved ones. Carve out pumpkins for your foyer, replace green blooms with yellows, or deck out your front door for Halloween.

But first, let’s tackle that fireplace that desperately needs decorating using the fantastic fall mantle decor tips below.

How Do You Simply Decorate A Mantle?

An elegant yet simple fall mantle decor for your fireplace involves using items you will find around your home, including outdoors.

For instance, mirrors and colorful vases filled with foliage in rich hues add warmth and pomp, reading your house for an exciting fall.

The ideal fall theme means you stick to warm tones inspired by the changing color of leaves outside.

In this case, orange, brown, yellow, and red make an excellent palette that you can play around with.

Using different variations of these natural shades will help maintain the cheer and joy of summer long after it’s over.

Simple Fall Mantle Decor Ideas For Fireplace

Decorating your fireplace can be as simple as switching out a few ornaments with fall-themed materials, or you can go all out.

Here are 13 fun and modern fall mantle decor ideas to inspire you as you embrace the fall spirit.

1.Farmhouse Sign 

Image Credits: citygirlmeetsfarmboy.com

Create a repurposed wood frame sign with your slogan of choice to hang over the fireplace. To add a pop of color, flank it with short vases filled with fall flowers for a homey feel.

  1. Pumpkins and Bronze Lanterns 

Image Credits:theseamanmom.com

Fall in love with this fall decor that includes a display of classic bronze lanterns and pumpkins for the holidays. The candles give off soft lighting, perfect for those wet evenings around the fire.

  1. Tall Brass Candlesticks and Vases

Image Credits:gatheredky.com

For a chic fireplace, place several different-sized brass candlesticks on your mantle. For the backdrop, hang large wooden letters that spell fall and a few white vases with wheat stalks.

  1. Faux Wreaths in Autumn Colors

Image Credits:stonegableblog.com

Make a beautiful wreath of faux flowers and leaves in bronze, brown, and reddish tones. Ask your kids to help you paint wooden cards and write a cute fall message to place on the mantle.

  1. Personalized Banner

Banners come in different shapes and sizes, suitable to hang across your mantle. You can choose a Halloween-themed one or a simple fall phrase to last all season.

  1. Copper Framed Mirror

Image Credits:idlehandsawake.com

If you would rather keep it plain, this DIY copper-framed mirror is a gorgeous fall piece for your mantle. Stack a few vintage books on the side and a clear vase for the must-have autumn blooms.

  1. Fall-Themed Portraits

Image Credits:apopofpretty.com

Adding texture to your fireplace is possible with this set of fall-themed portraits. Use different size frames to balance out the space with a picture of the family in the middle. For color, drape a string of flowers on the sides and use candles for extra lighting.

  1. Spooky Halloween Mantle

Image Credits:tidbitsandtwine.com

Fall decor is only complete with some Halloween work. Hang a trick-or-treat banner and place a spooky owl at the front of your fireplace to match the theme. You can go all out or keep it minimal, depending on preference.

  1. Mason Jar Flameless Candles

Image Credits:turtlesandtails.blogspot.com

Autumn nights can get chilly, and extra warmth in the house is always welcome. As versatile decor pieces, these mason jar flameless candles are safe to use, especially if you have young children.

Fill the insides of the jars with autumn leaves for a seasonal look and feel.

  1. Rustic Chalkboard in White

Image Credits:nestofposies-blog.com

Pass your season greetings using this rustic chalkboard with a white frame. It is a timeless decor idea that allows you to change it up as often as you’d like.

For instance, draw chalk spiders and ghosts for Halloween that you can erase the following day.

  1. Statement Wall Clock

Image Credits:thediymommy.com

If you have an antique wall clock, let it stand out by displaying it over your mantle this fall. It contrasts sharply against a white background, so add a few autumn plants to soften the space.

  1. Floral Extravaganza 

Image Credits:penderandpeony.com

If you love flowers in all splendor, this fall arrangement will suit you perfectly. The garland is a mix of fall stalks in brown, orange, and a little greenery.

Fill up the rest of the space with pumpkin ornaments in white and silver to complete the fall makeover.

  1. Leafy Season Garland

Leafy garlands are the go-to decoration for every holiday all year round. However, find one in the same colors as the leaves outside for fall decor. Tie in a string of lights in a warm orange hue to light it up at night.

Why These Ideas Are Best For You

There are numerous reasons why these simple fall mantle decor ideas will work best for you. They include:

Budget and Environment-Friendly

Pick out the items you already have in your garage or holiday storage. You don’t have to worry about a new decor budget when repurposing old treasures.

Alternatively, find organic pieces like real pumpkins for a vibrant and full-season display.

Evoke Sentiments

Scented candles and warm lights brighten up a space and evoke beautiful emotions. You need a warm, cozy home to snuggle with your loved ones in the fall.

Stack a few of your favorite books, including bedtime stories for your little ones.

Simple and Easy-To-Do

If you love DIY projects or are new to decorating, these simple mantle decor tips are easy to assemble.

They are uncomplicated arrangements that anyone can make without needing to be an interior decor expert.

All-round and Timeless

Vases, mirrors, wall clocks, and candles are classic decor items you can use all year and not just in fall. Your mantle will always be season-ready; you only need a few changes to spruce it up.


The above list of simple fall mantle decor ideas should inspire your creativity. Fireplaces are the focal point of every living room, and yours can effortlessly stand out this fall.

A mix of classic accessories will be perfect if you prefer eclectic interior decor. On the other hand, minimalist modern fall mantel decor is subtle, where you do more with less.

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