Arms Too Short To Wipe? Here’s What To Do

Toilet hygiene is a simple task we learn early on, but it can be tricky for others. Some people struggle with arms too short to wipe after using the toilet.

This often occurs in adults of different ages and body sizes. For such individuals, visiting the toilet is something they hate but have to deal with. 

For instance, if you are pregnant or too fat to wipe your bottom, there are methods and wiping aids available to do so comfortably. Read on for proper toilet hygiene techniques if your arms are too short to wipe. 

The Challenge Of Arms That Are Too Short To Wipe After A Toilet Break

Unlike popular belief, the wiping challenge is not unique to obese people. Even those with a disability, older people, and pregnant women struggle.

It may seem private and embarrassing, but it can happen to anyone. Therefore, finding ways to clean up after pooping is necessary.

Every time you go to the toilet, you should clean yourself thoroughly to avoid discomfort and skin irritation.

Ultimately, you risk catching infections if you are too fat to wipe front to back or have short arms making wiping a task. 

For women especially, a front-to-back wiping technique is a must to prevent transferring harmful bacteria from the anus to the vagina.

On the other hand, men can wipe in any direction, as the structure of their body parts is different. The risk of bacterial transfer to the urethra is near impossible, although it can happen. 

Still, poor toilet hygiene for men can lead to a smelly bottom and irritate the skin around the anus.

Eventually, the risk of getting anal and urinary tract infections increases if you cannot clean yourself after passing a stool.

How To Wipe Your Bottom When You Can’t Reach

Are you worried that you have arms too short to wipe? The good news is that you can maintain proper toilet hygiene in various ways, even when you can’t reach your bottom. Some of the best methods to use are:

  1. Install a bidet

One of the modern and most sanitary inventions is the bidet. Today, you can attach a handheld one to your toilet or buy an automatic bidet toilet. It will release a water spray to your bottom, leaving you clean and fresh every time you go. 

As a result, it is the best cleaning method for anyone with short arms or unable to reach their bottom to wipe. In addition, it will save you the cost of purchasing toilet paper and wet wipes. 

Do not worry about installing the fancy and expensive fully-automatic bidet toilet. Instead, opt for a simple bidet attachment to your current toilet.

  1. Use wiping aids

Innovation has found ways to help anyone with arms too short to wipe to maintain cleanliness. These products are hand-held and made from plastic, making them easy to use and clean. 

Typically, they are long enough to reach your bottom and have a grip on one end to attach toilet paper or flushable wipes. 

Once you finish cleaning up, they have a clasp that you can press to release the toilet paper into the bowl. 

Shop online for one today, as some are portable with a case to use when traveling. While some suggest you make homemade ones using tongs, these can injure you, so be careful.

  1. Wipe through your legs

If you have short arms, pass the toilet paper between your legs instead of wiping from the side or back. Not only does this method shorten the distance, but it also ensures you get completely clean. 

It is a particularly tricky position for women, as you must learn how to wipe from front to back at a new angle. Similarly, as there are chances of getting urine on your hands, consider wiping the pee first.

  1. Consider caregiving services

Especially for older people and anyone who is bedridden, hiring a caregiver to help clean up may be necessary. Besides assisting one with toilet needs, they will help with baths and dressing. 

Sometimes they do not have to do the actual wiping. Instead, they offer a helping hand by providing the necessary wiping aids when you need to go.

Additional Wiping Tips 

Wiping can seem easy, but it can be daunting for anyone who cannot reach their bottom for various reasons.

While you simply want to clean up the poo effectively, you also want to avoid injuring yourself due to over-rubbing. 

Here are a few wiping tips to keep your private bits clean all day. 

  • If you do not have a bidet, use a long-handle sponge to wash up whenever you poop.
  • Go slow to ensure you get all the mess out. Give yourself time if you have to take a few seconds breaks between wipes.
  • Instead of rubbing, use dabbing motions, especially when drying off pee for women. Avoid rubbing too much with dry toilet paper for men as it irritates the skin.
  • If you can, purchase good-quality toilet paper that is soft on the skin. Alternatively, use flushable wet wipes but avoid clogging your drainage.
  • Wet the tissue before use if you have skin irritation or a tender anus. It will cool your bottom while easily cleaning you off.
  • When on the go, have tissue paper or wipes handy in your bag or car if you need to use the bathroom.

How Do You Wipe If You Are Overweight?

If you are too fat to wipe your bottom, consider using wiping aids that attach toilet paper or wipes on one end. Alternatively, go through your legs for easy access or use a bidet for a thorough wash.

Why Can’t I Wipe From Behind?

Most people with injuries or short arms may be unable to wipe from front to back. Learning new methods may be unfamiliar but necessary if you cannot wipe from behind. 


Proper toilet use can be challenging for those with arms too short to wipe comfortably. However, this should not hinder you from finding ways to practice good hygiene. Use any of the above wiping aids to help you reach. You are good to go as long as you can prevent the transfer of bacteria and stay fresh all day.

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