Forgotten Vintage Boy Names And Meanings

boy with vintage boy names wearing knit onesie

We think of vintage names when we choose to adopt the regal, often dubbed old-fashioned names for our boys. Vintage boy names are quaint yet charming and full of character. Some have modernized respellings and monikers. Many are surnames passed down generations. There is a wide variety of vintage boy names, and we curate some … Read more

Unique Middle Names For Zino

Cute boy in red asleep with middle names for zino

For parents, looking for a middle name for their boy named Zino, you are at the right place. We have compiled a list of the most admirable middle names for Zino. Zino is a boy name of Greek origin and it means gift of Zeus. When a child has such a unique first name, parents … Read more

Adorable Middle Names For Zita

Baby with middle names for Zita smiling while asleep

For many parents, choosing a name for their child is a personal and profound process. Even while the first name usually takes prominence, the middle name can be a lovely complement, giving the child’s identity more depth and deeper meaning. When it comes to the beautiful name Zita, various middle names can go with it. … Read more

Perfect Middle Names For Zemira

Baby with middle names for Zemira

Zemira is a beautiful first name for a baby girl. Choosing a middle name for it can be challenging for most parents because it is quite unique. But, worry not! We have compiled the most suitable middle names for Zemira that you can choose from. Zemira is a Hebrew name which means a song. Zemira … Read more

Strong Badass Girl Names That Are Fierce

A girl with badass girl names wearing boxing gloves

Some parents prefer something feminine and soft when naming their daughters. However, a wide range of options are available for those seeking something a little fiercer with names that exude boldness, strength, and a badass vibe. If this is your kind of vibe, check out our list of strong badass girl names. Fearless women from … Read more

Modern Boy Names That Start With B

Baby with boy names that start with b lying on a white blanket

If you are expecting and looking for boy names that start with B, you are at the right place. This article has various boy names that start with B and also the meaning of each name. Choosing a name for your boy is an interesting process and you can choose a name that has significance … Read more

114+Tough Badass Boy Names That Are Powerful

Baby with badass boy names showing thumbs up sign

Most parents prefer to name their boys with a name that symbolizes strength, bravery and confidence. A name with that kind of qualities is usually a tough badass boy name and it’s far from an ordinary name. We scoured the internet, talked to various moms and compiled a list of the best badass boy names … Read more

Unique Middle Names For Boys With Meaning

Choosing a middle name for your boy can be challenging but not anymore because we got you! Even if first names usually receive the most attention, middle names for boys are significant and can be a powerful way to commemorate family, add character, or create a distinctive full name. Your son’s middle name is an … Read more

Rare Greek Girl Names And Their Enchanting Meanings

A baby with Greek girl names sleeping on a fur mat

The Greeks have given plenty to the world in their evolution through the centuries. One of these gifts is the beautiful Greek girl names. These names hold profound meaning and celebrate and record the various aspects of the sophisticated Greeks’ life. They are timeless names borne by heroic and illustrious women. Let us take stock … Read more

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