Exploring the Unthinkable: What Does Human Poop Taste Like?

Of all the subjects about our bodies, human poop tends to be considered disgusting. All the same, curious beings wonder, what does human poop taste like?

It is a legitimate question, especially to discover our internal bodies’ processes and excretions. 

Still, if one simply wants to know, read on as we unravel this bizarre topic.

What Does Human Poop Taste Like?

Also known as feces or stool, poop is the waste substance our bodies expel after food digestion. Human poop consists of food remnants, bile, water, and bacteria.

Even so, stool components and appearance vary from person to person, depending on your diet and digestion process.

Today, your stool may also be one color in a soft consistency; the next day, it’s a different shade and hard.

What Does Human Poop Taste Like?

As weird as this subject is, human waste does have a taste. Those who have once tasted it say it is bland yet bitter due to the bile in our stomachs. Though others say it is sweet, this depends on one’s diet. 

Overall, the taste of human feces is unpleasant as it is meant to be an excretion from our bodies.

Our body expels anything it cannot digest or food remnants after we absorb all the important nutrients.

Therefore, poop should not be intentionally ingested as it has zero nutritional value.

Does Poop Taste As Bad As It Smells?

Not really. Human waste smells due to the mixture of fluids and substances in our stomachs, but it does not taste as bad.

Normal stool also has a brownish shade with an intense smell that is not repulsive. If you want to improve the smell of your excretions, eat healthy foods and fruits, and drink plenty of water.

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What Will Happen If I Eat Human Poop?

Should you consume human poop for any reason, it can introduce dangerous bacteria into your body.

Parasites, especially those that cause cholera, are also said to be life-threatening when they enter the human gut. 

Furthermore, food poisoning, which can be fatal, is brought about by Salmonella or E. coli.

On the other hand, you risk damaging your stomach lining if you get H.Pylori from unwashed vegetables.

All this potential health hazards should deter one from eating human poop.

What Is Human Poop Supposed To Look Like? 

Normal poop tends to have a sausage-like appearance, either smooth or with a slightly rough consistency.

As for the color, it depends on your diet, but it is standard to have a brown hue.

Overall, your stool should not contain any blood traces. However, it can be red if you consume beetroot or red drinks in plenty.

Abnormal poop is either watery from diarrhea or extremely hard pellets due to constipation. To treat constipation, physicians recommend increasing fiber in your diet.

Eating foods that are natural laxatives is also a good remedy. If you experience frequent loose stools or diarrhea, visit a doctor, as you may have an underlying stomach issue.

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Why Human Poop Floats

People who consume vegetables and fruits with high fiber content tend to pass feces that float.

It happens because their stomachs accumulate more gas, which fills up the stool, causing it to be less dense. 

Moreover, if you consume fatty foods, your stomach will not digest excess fats and this will cause your waste to float.

Furthermore, diarrhea is usually light and will not drop to the bottom of the toilet bowl.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do people eat poop?

Unless one suffers from a psychological condition, people do not intentionally eat poop.

There are no studies to prove any benefits of eating human waste, and it can be a potential health hazard.

Sometimes, poop contains parasites such as intestinal worms that can transfer from one person to another. 

Why does poop taste sweet?

It depends entirely on your diet and stomach bacteria. Consuming flavorful foods may change your stool taste, although it is common to have acidic or neutral waste.

You may also notice a different poo smell when you eat new things, especially spicy food.

Why do I have a poop taste in my mouth?

A poop taste in your mouth may be due to gastric reflux disease, which causes stomach acid to return to the gut.

In other cases, it may be due to poor dental hygiene or a mouth/tooth infection. People with sinus infections may also notice a foul taste in their mouth.

Therefore, it is necessary to consult a physician or dentist if you notice bad breath that tastes or smells like stool.


We often wonder what does human poop taste like? Well, there you have it, a detailed explanation of this puzzle that occurs to all of us at one point in life.

Kids may accidentally eat their poop once, and while it will not harm them, it is not a pleasant activity.

The plain yet slightly bitter taste of human poop is bound to put anyone off, including adults, who dare a taste.

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