About Us

My Beautiful Haven® was founded in 2002 in Culver City, Los Angeles County, CA, to give homeowners something to transform their homes into a beautiful haven. Since then, the team has been inspiring people who want to learn how to live better and sharing ideas you can easily adopt. Our primary goal is to empower you to live a better, more meaningful, and more colorful life.

My Beautiful Haven® is the destination for innovative home ideas, inspirational food and recipes for everyday and special occasions, and unrivaled garden knowledge. Our first blogs focused almost entirely on bathroom remodeling, but as time has passed and our name and logo changed, we’ve added a lot more to our home remodeling catalog.

We are a trusted resource for all things home. We have a large online presence and recommend thousands of quality products. Our team also loves to hear from our readers. So, feel free to drop us a comment or email with your questions, suggestions, or concerns.

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