Amazing 10 Grinch Christmas Decor Ideas

Are you looking to switch up your holiday decor this year? If so, then try the hot Grinch Christmas decor ideas making rounds on social media. It is the latest fad, and you can also incorporate a bit of Whoville into your home using the cute ornaments.

These affordable, easy-to-assemble Christmas decorations will turn your home into a Grinchy celebration. 

How to Decorate Grinch Christmas?

You can transform your home into a Grinch festivity using lovely green accessories. You will find hundreds of Grinch-themed decor items indoors or outdoors in various stores near you. If not, go online and order custom-made pieces to fit your imagination.

Suppose you are on a budget; Dollar Tree is an excellent place to start. Otherwise, find some supplies left over from last Christmas, if any. You can do adorable crafts with your children or put up ready-made trinkets to celebrate this happy season.

Some popular Grinch Christmas decor pieces include trees, ornaments, door wreaths, and party favors. Whether you buy or hand-make your Christmas decor, it is bound to be a thrilling experience for you and your loved ones.

Easy Grinch Christmas Decor Ideas

Here are ten easy DIY Grinch Christmas decor ideas for all the green furry pot-bellied creature fans. Go all out and use essential craft tools and skills to bling out your home for a sad-free holiday season.

Grinch Christmas Tree Decorations

When it comes to Christmas tree decor, there’s plenty to do, especially for a Grinch-themed holiday. Besides getting kids to craft by filing clear ornaments with green and red balls, you can use candy for a sweet treat. 

However, use a mix of green, white, and red-stripped plastic ornaments to maintain a minimalist look. Hang them on your tree or windows using ribbons or wire hooks to celebrate this fun time of the year.

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Grinch Christmas Wreath

Turn your door into a Whoville entrance by hanging up this Grinch masterpiece wreath. Switch the green garland with lime and dark green feathers from your local crafts store to line the frame.

Then, add an array of Christmas decorations in bright tones. If you can find a Grinch mask, tie it to the middle of the circle.


Outdoor Grinch Christmas Decor

Would you prefer a life-size Grinch for your yard? Purchase plywood and make this wooden hand-painted figurine to line your fence and hang string lights above it.

Alternatively, prop it against your porch columns for a humorous welcome home sign throughout the festivities.

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Grinch Gift Boxes Topiary

Repurpose card boxes from your garage/storage to create this three to four-level Grinch Christmas decor topiary. They are the perfect and inexpensive front-door accessory for the holidays.

Choose a mix of green, red, and white patterns for the wrapping paper. Finally, stack them on the floor according to size or use a large clay/ceramic planter as the base.


Grinch Party Invitation Cards

Kickstart your Christmas celebrations on the right foot by sending out these cute DIY invitation cards. Planning for themed festivities is always much easier once the invites are out.

If you’d rather keep it simple, skip the party and invite your loved ones for a movie night. Make it an exciting night by watching reruns of the classic 1966 Grinch film followed by the 2000 comedy.

Furry Kids Grinch Stocking

Replace your well-loved Christmas stockings with these shaggy fabric green ones to match your Grinch decor theme. Once you find a suitable fabric, they are easy to sew and fit all your kid’s stuffable gifts. 


Christmas Grinch Cookies

Use this Grinch-shaped cookie cutter to display your Christmas cookie tray or pack some to send to your friends and loved ones. Decorate them by outlining the face and other features with black icing. Alternatively, bake green color cookies and use red icing and powdered sugar for a festive decoration.


Grinch Christmas Inflatable Decorations

Pop into Wal-Mart or Amazon online and purchase this air-blown inflatable Grinch decoration. It is available in different sizes and styles that you can also use for those themed birthday celebrations. At the end of the holidays, release the air, clean it, and fold it up for storage until the following festivities. 

DIY Grinch Costume in Tree

Create this funny Christmas tree decor using a Grinch costume from the torso downwards. It is one of the most hilarious decoration ideas, as it looks like you have the cynical creature stuck in your tree. 

To complete this look, add raw cotton stuffing down the pointy shoes, up the pants, and halfway through the red jacket. Lastly, push the torso through the middle of your tree and tie it firmly, arranging the branches around it.


Grinch-Themed Garland

Add a festive decoration to your Christmas aesthetics using a Grinch-themed garland. It is a cute draping over your door, fireplace, bookshelf, or staircase railing. Since it is a DIY project, you can make it as lengthy as possible using mesh, ribbons, feathers, and ornaments. 

A different way to do this is to paint light bulbs in red and green and string them up. Thanks to the colorful illumination, your backyard barbecue parties will be a tad different this year. We tried this last year, and my kids won’t let me take them down.


Grinch Decorating Ideas for the Office

As we wind down the year at work, plans for the office Christmas party are underway. Change up the theme this year by hosting a whimsical Grinch decor celebration. Apart from convincing your colleagues to dress up as The Whos, there are plenty of Grinch party favors to use. 

Furthermore, order Grinch-inspired cupcakes, candy, green drinks, and fruit displays that the team will enjoy. Take it up a notch by putting up a Whoville-inspired Christmas tree so your colleagues know you mean business.


Changing up your home aesthetics this year calls for some quirky and fun DIY Grinch Christmas decor ideas. The easy craft options above will get your creativity going, and remember to include the kids for the child-friendly projects. Lastly, save money by shopping for cheap supplies at Dollar Tree, and use items you already own if you can.

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