13 Over-The-Bed Picture Ideas: What To Hang Over Bed In Master Bedroom

Are you interested in over-the-bed picture ideas for your master bedroom? Here are tips to get that awkward space looking as good as the rest of your home. Whether a DIY project or a lengthy interior decor process, the outcome will be worth the time and effort.

Tips On How To Hang Pictures Above Bed

When settling on over-the-bed decorating ideas for your main bedroom, it is vital to consider some key factors. 

For instance, when I was filling up the space above my bed, my challenge was the size of my headboard. It is pretty tall, and I was afraid that placing a mirror that high was a recipe for disaster.

Instead, I framed three of my kid’s art projects, creating a colorful and sentimental arrangement.

Below are some of the considerations to make before settling on specific bedroom pictures above bed ideas.

over the bed decor ideas

Type of Decoration

While there are tens of decor ideas for that tricky over-the-bed space, the dilemma of what fits is real.

Ideally, you are better off settling on what appeals the most, with function, if necessary. Otherwise, leave your comfort zone and choose something unique yet stylish.


When you decide to decorate your home, your first concern will be how much will it cost? It is a valid question to ask, as you will need to budget for it.

Nevertheless, when tackling master bedroom pictures above bed ideas, the cost is not a limiting factor.

Plenty of creative DIY ideas are designer-worthy and cost little to nothing.

Current Theme

Suppose your bedroom has a theme; it’s only fitting that you decorate above the bed similarly.

You want your furnishings to match or have a striking balance to maintain the room’s aesthetics.

Available Space

Your decor will also depend on the space above your bed, especially if you have an oversized headboard.

Smaller ones provide a broader blank canvas, meaning you can hang as many pieces as possible.

12 Over-The-Bed Picture Ideas

If you still need help with what to do with the space above your bed, here are 12 statement pieces to try.

They range from simple decor ideas you can make at home to contemporary accessories you can buy from local stores.

Hand made Wood Sign

If you love crafty decor pieces, then this handmade sign is the perfect fit over your bed.

It has a rustic farmhouse feel and will go well over a wooden headboard. Write your favorite message or slogan on it for a personal touch.

Four Different-Size Frames 

Putting up several pictures from your photo collection is possible with this decor option.

Find four of your favorites and hang them above your bed using different-size frames. It is a simple yet elegant look, as you can arrange them in any way that appeals to you.

Over the bed picture ideas

Photo Credits: theinteriorsaddict.com

Embellished Mirror

You can never go wrong with hanging a mirror over your bed. Apart from giving the illusion of space, mirrors soften up the room.

Add texture around the mirror using floral decorations or a large wooden frame.

A mirror above the bed decor idea

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If you are an art lover, hang one of your prized pieces above your bed. It will be the room’s focal point, especially if you want to make a statement.

You may also sleep better at night, knowing that your most valuable art is safe, right over your head.

Above the bed ideas

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Enlarged Wedding Portrait

Frameless photo frames are the in thing, especially for large wedding portraits. In this case, it is a beautiful over-the-bed picture idea for a romantic bedroom theme. Hang a string of lights beneath it to illuminate the image and brighten the room.

Round Minimalist Mirror

Pick this round mirror with a gold-patterned finish for a contemporary minimalist decor theme. The gold frame will go well with white walls, furnishings, and bedding, softening a seemingly plain room. I have it in my guest room, which gives it a roomy feel, primarily if you want a clutter-free space.

over the bed decorating ideas

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There’s a tapestry to go with every interior decor theme in your home. Go for this giant custom hand-woven tapestry in bold colors, a stark contrast in a plain bedroom. It is a timeless decoration idea that will complement your solid hue bedding.

what to hang over bed in master bedroom

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Easy to Remove Decals

Wall decals come in endless designs and are easy to install and remove. In addition, they are a great choice if you are afraid of things falling off above your bed. You can choose a basic design or a detailed pattern to fill the wall behind your headboard.

over the bed decorating ideas,

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Personalized Pieces

Have you seen a surfboard hang-up as an over-the-bed picture idea? Using family heirlooms and favorite sports gear as ornament pieces is a timeless decor idea you can incorporate into your bedroom. If you love football, hang your keepsakes over your bed as a daily reminder of something you hold dear.


While wallpaper may seem ordinary, it can create breathtaking over-the-bed decor if done correctly. Choose a floral print in bold shades and cover the wall behind your headboard only. Ensure the pattern is not overwhelming, as your bedroom should be calm.

over the bed decorating ideas,

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Hang Plant Baskets

Opt for a natural look by bringing the fresh outdoors into your bedroom using plants. If you are afraid of potted plants falling on you in the middle of the night, choose faux plants instead. A splash of green is refreshing and matches well with a metal bed frame.

Mural Painting

If you are artistic or love painting, a DIY mural is the best over-the-bed picture idea for your bedroom. Your design options are limitless since you will paint directly on the wall. Choose a color palette that will blend with the rest of the room, or opt for a complete makeover. 

Ideas for what to hang over the bed

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Sticking to something you love works best for any over-the-bed picture ideas in your primary bedroom. Although mirrors tend to stand out in contemporary homes, family mementos can be a unique and personal alternative. Frame a photo of your family’s favorite holiday destination, as it is bound to warm your heart every night.

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