Misleading Gift Wrapping Ideas That Disguise A Gift

Receiving presents is only fun when you cannot guess what is inside the packaging. Thanks to social media, there’s now a popular trend known as misleading gift wrapping or false wrapping. 

Imagine receiving a gift that looks like a bicycle, only to unwrap it and discover a selfie stick as the handlebars. You may laugh or cry, but the idea is to bring a kick into the element of surprise. 

Keep reading if you want to learn a few misleading gift-wrapping ideas. You will discover interesting ways to disguise your presents and a simple, easy-to-follow guide.

Ideas On How To Disguise A Gift

Misleading gift wrapping is a hilarious prank that adds creativity to your gift-wrapping skills.

Most people struggle with having the perfect wrap on regular gifts. Imagine if you could successfully put together a grand disguise packaging that catches everyone off guard.

For instance, spend hours wrapping foam poles to resemble a four-leg table with a baseball bat as one of the legs.

The person receiving the gift will think you got them a kitchen table for their birthday, only to find the well-hidden bat. 

Using regular size objects is the perfect decoy for smaller gifts. You may spend hours doing it, but the unwrapping process will be well worth it. No idea is impossible, so give it a go.

The cool examples below are a good start if you want to learn how to wrap gifts as something not close.

Photo Credits: BattelalonReddit

Items You Will Need

  • Several pieces of cardboard
  • Duct Tape
  • A pair of scissors
  • Actual gift
  • Small gift box
  • Tons of wrapping paper
  • Filling such packing straws or shredded newspapers
  • Weight such as a concrete block 

Step 1: Place the actual gift into the small box and seal it using duct tape. Place it aside to begin working on the false wrapping.

Step 2: Using the pieces of cardboard, mold them into the shape of a toilet, attaching them with the tape. Start with the toilet seat, then proceed to the tank for an easier process. 

To make it as real-like as possible, measure your actual toilet and ensure the gift wrap is a similar size.

Since this is the most difficult part of the construction, it may take a few hours to assemble it correctly.

Step 3: The packaging is incomplete until you have some weight at the bottom to keep it upright and steady. Use duct tape to attach a concrete block to the bottom of the toilet seat.

Step 4: Once the cardboard toilet form is complete, start covering it with your wrapping paper.

Ensure you insert the gift into the toilet seat or the bowl before completely covering it with wrapping paper.

Step 5: If you want to reinforce the toilet model sides, or make the unboxing interesting, add the filling.

Pack enough shredded newspapers or straws to prevent the box from collapsing and hide the gift. However, this part is not mandatory if your cardboard is stiff enough.

Step 6: You should have an actual size toilet once complete. Include a paper bowl at the top for dramatic effect. Your misleading gift is now ready.

Photo Credits: GreyPaper

Five Examples Of Misleading Gift Wrapping Ideas

Knowing how to disguise a gift using paper wrap is a cool thing to learn, especially now that it’s a common trend. Some plans may seem ridiculous, but the idea is to have the most unbelievable prank.

Decoy gift wrapping to hide the real shape of a gift

Photo Credits:morelikehome.net

Christmas and birthdays are excellent opportunities to prank your loved ones with misleading gift wrapping. Imagine if you were giving a book gift and it was wrapped like this? Would the receipt even think this is a book before unwrapping it?

Chicken, Anyone?

If the person you intend to gift loves chicken, why not try this misleading gift idea? You can buy the present you intend to gift them, then wrap them as shown in the instructions.

Photo Credits:ciloubidouille.com

Wrapping gifts as something not close

If you want a unique way to disguise your gift, why not try these TikTok compilations? Imagine receiving a shirt wrapped up as a picnic bench. Not only is it rib-cracking funny, but you will applaud the wrapper for originality and patience. 

It must have taken them hours and several yards of paper to complete it to simply make you laugh.

When the recipient unravels such a present, the look on their face will be worth your work. You can also take pride in having a new artistic skill to include in your social resume.

Funny False Wrapping Ideas

Photo Credits: imgur.com

Fake-wrapped Christmas presents are a delight to open. Did someone ever gift you an umbrella in such a special way? This funny, misleading gift-wrapping idea is bound to make your Christmas morning a little bit special.

Decoy Gift Wrapping Plan

Photo Credits:i.imgur.com

Make your gift wrap resemble an ukulele using this creative gift-wrapping idea. The decoy here requires a little paper mache art project, which we probably all did in school. 

The beauty of this plan is that the gift hidden inside can be anything tangible. Actual gift ideas range from a phone to a box of chocolates and even a gift card. Ensure you make the surprise as ingenious as possible. 

Disguise Holiday Gifts

The best time of the year for gifting is during the holidays. We all look forward to surprising our family and friends with a unique item that they will love. But have you been struggling with special ways to do it? 

While the disguise holiday gift wrapping idea is the easiest, it is still a perfect prank.

For instance, you can pack Air Pods into a divider box and pack a couple of socks around them. The gift receiver will think it is just several colorful pairs of socks, only to find the surprise gift in the middle. 

Mystery Christmas Gifts

Why would someone gift me a rolling pin? If you are wondering why, this false wrapping gift idea is not what you think.

Inside the rolling pin wrapping is a cute unicorn bag for a 5-year-old girl.

Explore your imagination and wrap your gifts in any clever way. There is no limit to what extent you can go.

You can even build a fake cardboard car to falsely wrap a box of shoes. Hopefully, the person receiving the gift will laugh and appreciate the thought.

A Guide To Misleading Gift Wrapping 

Try placing fake-wrapped Christmas presents under the tree this year. An awesome twist would be to make the false wrapping seem boring, but the actual gift is what was on their wish list. 

Kids, especially, will love this decoy. Nothing excites children more than receiving something they want so badly. The memories you make from this one-of-a-kind activity will also last a lifetime.

Here is a simple step-by-step guide on how to disguise a gift as a toilet seat complete with a tank. It is a bit complicated, but the final result is worth it if you are up to the task.


If you want someone to think your gift is larger or smaller than the packaging, try these misleading gift-wrapping ideas. Watching them roll their eyes in disbelief and slight shock will be hilarious. 

Later, you can redeem yourself by presenting them with an actual thoughtful present. While false wrapping gifts may not always work, it is a fun joke to play on friends and family. The person opening the gift will appreciate the effort it took to make it appear as something totally different.

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