Forgotten Vintage Boy Names And Meanings

We think of vintage names when we choose to adopt the regal, often dubbed old-fashioned names for our boys. Vintage boy names are quaint yet charming and full of character.

Some have modernized respellings and monikers. Many are surnames passed down generations. There is a wide variety of vintage boy names, and we curate some in our list in this blog.

Gold in Old Names for Boys

Vintage names are unique. They are rare, and often timeless. Such names survive the test of time in genealogy and civilizations because of their profound meanings. Here are some chill considerations of such names for your son.

A baby smiling with Vintage boy names

Old Fashioned Boy Names 1800s


Beau is a romantic French name that means beautiful. Although it is a gender-neutral name, it is a popular antique name for stunningly rakish boys in the States.

Beau is one of the characters in the epic Gone With the Wind. It symbolizes a refined, handsome man, and has cool nicknames like Bea, Belo, Boe, Bobo, and Bear. 

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This name brings to mind the Hollywood heartthrob Guy Ritchie. Guy has an evergreen aura to it that also makes it sound like a name for a popular, easy-going man.

Guy means wood and has variations like Guido and Wido. Some say it is a translation from Hebrew, goy, which means Gentile. In old French, guie means a leader. 


Hugo is a name with German and Latin roots that means mind, intellect, soul, and thought.

The film Hugo made this classic name popular. Hugh is the English version, and it translates into Ugo in Italian.


The French call a rower Remy. Remy is an oarsman, while in English, it is a short form of Remington, which is a region in England. It has variations in different societies.

In Gaelic Remi, it is a variation of Remy, which means a dominant one. In Japanese, Remi means heaven’s pupil. It is a unisex name.

Super Cute Vintage Boy Names


Marcus Aurelius was a renowned Roman Emperor and Philosopher. With such a valuable scholar to back such a strong name, it is no wonder that Aurelius means golden. It also means the golden coin that was Ancient Rome’s currency.

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This is one of Alexander’s diminutives. Like Alexander or Alexandra, Sacha means defender or protector of people.

It originates from Russia, where it is gender-neutral and spelt as Sascha. The name often symbolizes the rise of a rebel. Sacha is a warrior.


Bartholomew is Hebrew, and it means furrowed or son of Talmai. It is immortalized through biblical texts, as he was one of the Disciples of Christ.

Beyond that, Bartholomew is a rare name, but its diminutives Bart and Tolly are common nicknames in contemporary use.


Socrates is a regal name, and the famous Greek philosopher from Athens is its bearer to back its place in civilization.

Socrates means to rule or power. Considering the astounding academic achievements that Socrates continues to wow humanity with, giving a son such a name will allude to such geek exploits.


Benjamin is a favorite and trendy name in various religions and cultures. In Hebrew, it means son of my day, treasured son, and son of the right hand.

Undoubtedly, those meanings of the classic name allude to a cherished and trusted son. Benjamin also means strength and favor. He was the last-born son of Jacob. Some nicknames include Benji, Benny, Benito, and Ben.

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Oliver could be derived from the invaluable olive tree, which is Olivarius in Latin. It is a symbol of peace, productivity, dignity, and beauty.

Oliver is also Norse, which means the descendants of ancestors. Its nicknames and variations include Olympia, Ollie, and Oly.


We may remember Levi as one of the Twelve who was renamed Matthew by Jesus. Levi, which is Lewi in Hebrew, means joined in harmony. Levi was also the name of Jacob’s third son, and he was the father of the Levites.


Julian is a Greek and Latin variant of Julianus. It is a trendy name with a timeless flair. Julian means youthful. The Greeks spell it as Julien, which means sacred to Jupiter and youthful.

In Greek mythology, it implies one who had favor from Zeus. Other alternative respellings include Julyan, Julio, Juliano, Guiliano, and Julius.


Among vintage boy names that continue to rise in modern appeal, Sebastian ranks favorably in different societies.

It is Greek, Sebastos and Latin Sebaste, which means revered or venerable. It has many nicknames, such as Seb, Bash, Gin, Bassy, and Sebi.

Vintage Boy Names With Nicknames


When is the last time you heard of the vintage boy name Adonis? Adonis is a painfully handsome young man. Adonis was the Greek god of rebirth and the god of transition of vegetation, seasons, vegetation, and youth.

Aphrodite loved him and he was a mortal who became immortal. Some nicknames for this hot god include Ade and Donnie.

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Damon means to tame or subdue, to overpower, or to conquer. It is Greek. In a Greek legend, Damon impressed Dionysius with his willingness to sacrifice his freedom due to his friendship and loyalty to Pythias.

Some popular alternatives to Damon include Daemon and Demian. In German, Damon means demon.


Ares was the Greek god of war and the son of Zeus. His name means battle or war. It also implies ruin, which is the aftermath of a battle.

Seemingly, he is formidable and infamous with awful nicknames like Curse of Men and Shield Piercer. Still, Ares was benevolent in granting the Greeks victory at battle.


Jason was the legendary ruler of the Argonauts. He engaged in the search for the Golden Fleece as narrated in Greek literature.

He is a healer or physician; he featured in the Theban wars. The nicknames and variants include Jaeson, Jacyn, Jay and Jace.


Ajax was called the birdman or the eagle from Aiastes in Greek.

He is a courageous character of the Trojan War in Greek mythology. Jack and Aj are some nicknames for this son of the gods.


Vintage boy names have a surreal and long history. There must be a reason for each of them to remain in society that long. That is the mystery and appeal of old names. Many are paradoxically strong and gentle.   Some descend from old money, others from honor and others as bitter or sweet memories. Still, they live on.

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