Bold And Beautiful Scottish Girl Names

Choosing a name for a baby is one of the high points of the parenting journey. If you are looking for beautiful Scottish girl names for your little angel, we have made it easier for you. We have compiled unique Scottish baby girl names you will love. Check out our list of charming Scottish names for your little girl.

The Charm in Scottish Female Names

There are many types of Scottish girl names. Some are trendy and fun, while others are formal and some vintage.

They all capture the Scottish essence of a woman and pay homage to Scotland’s beautiful land and culture. Below is a sample of those lovely names.

Scottish Girl Names for Joy and Royalty


A daughter is a father’s joy, and Abigail means my father’s joy. It also implies father of exaltation and has variations such as Abigail, Gabby and Abby.

She was one of King David’s queens, which makes the Scottish girl name apt for a sovereign child. In Scottish, Abigail stems from Avigail.


Aine means happiness and brilliance. It is bliss and grace personified. Aine also honours Scottish mythology since Aine is the Irish goddess of summer and wealth.

Aine was queen over the Munster fairies, and King Lear had a granddaughter named so. Aine also means fasting, praise and joy. It has many variations, such as Anae, Anya, and Ayana. 

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She is the goddess of the dawn depicted in Roman mythology, and the Scots use the name to show the joy of the dawn and the newness of life.

Aurora is a celebration of the new life in the family. She is a Disney character. Aurora’s alternatives include Zora, Annora, Adora and Amora.

Pretty Religion-Themed Scottish Girl Names


Arabella is one of the Scottish girl names given to depict a person’s prayerful nature. It is derived from Orablis, Latin for yielding to prayer.

Arabella also means beautiful, graceful, and loving. The melodic name also means beautiful eagle, and its variations include Arabelle, Arabela, and Arabele.

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Gabriella shows complete trust and submission to God and symbolises grace and selflessness. The name means committed to God, and God is my strength.

It is a derivative of Hebrew, Gabriel, and many countries use it for their graceful daughters. It has many variations, with Gabrielle being the most popular. Some of its fun nicknames are Bella, Gabby, and Ellie.


Isobel or Ishbel means pledged to God. Elizabeth also carries a similar meaning, and the Scots name their girls their versions of Elsie and Eliza. It is the Scottish form of Isabel.


Lilias blossoms from Lily; like the flower, it symbolises innocence, beauty, purity, soul and renewal.

Lilias also has religious leanings, whereas, for the Scots, it means God is satisfaction and an oath of God.

It is the perfect choice for parents wishing to share the beauty of their faith, which is as beautiful as the Lilly of the Valley. Its Scottish variation is Lillian.


Paisley is a classic Scottish girl name that means church. If you are thinking of someone’s favourite musician, Brad Paisley, just like me, we guessed right that Paisley is a gender-neutral name.

Paisley also means decorative design, adorned or patterned. There is a Scottish town near Glasgow called Paisley. 

Cute girl in pink with Scottish girl names

Traditional Scottish Girl Names


Leana has three meanings, one being a light and beautiful maiden. It also means twist around and serve John.

It is symbolic of a beautiful sunrise and bright sunshine. Its trendy alternatives are Eileen, Helen, and Lena, which means a lovely woman.


It sounds solid and male, but it is a female Scottish name for a ravishing beauty. It means a child of a handsome one.

It is a gender-neutral name, too, and for boys, it means son of Cionaodha. Makenna means fire, affection and a gathering of many.


Phoebe means radiant or bright and is an equivalent of Apollo which also means pure. This name with a Greek origin has numerous variations such as Phobe, Fiba, Feby and Feebee.

There is a biblical personality in the New Testament called Phoebe, who scholars believe delivered a Pauline Epistle to the Roman church.

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Ethereal Homage to Scotland


Alba is the Gaelic name for Scotland given to girls. It is Latin for white. Alba is a title among the Spaniards.

It is an enchanting name meaning noble, the shining one, bright, and fortunate. Alba symbolises hope in its meaning of sunrise and dawn and is the epitome of purity. The variations include Alva, Albinia and Alby.


It is the ancient and poetic name of Scotland. It has a beautiful variation in the more common Callie, whose meaning is from the forest.

Caledonia is the historic name of Scotland and its oldest term of reference. It continues to gain popularity for its Gaelic charm.


Isla is the name of a river in Scotland, and its variation, Islay means island. Isla is the product of the enduring relationship between Scotland and Spain.

In Spanish, it means committed to God. The equivalents of Isla include Ile, Eylah, and Ila.


Some Scottish girls are named after the breathtaking Scotland as the ultimate homage to this gorgeous country.

Such a name shows the deep patriotic sentiments among the Scots as the nation evolved in its identity through the ages.

The variations are Scot and Scott; the name comes from the Latin Scoti, meaning Gaelic speaker.


Skye is a girl named after the beautiful and famous Scottish Island, Isle of Skye. It also means sky.

The profound and breezy name also means winged and is a muse of Scandinavian lore appearing as Skuyo.

Some of its ethereal variations are Skyy, Sky, Skylar, Ciel, Skilar and Schuyler. It is a boy’s name, too.


Tara, another of the many beautiful Scottish girl names from the Celtic Teamhair, is the name of a hill near Dublin where kings set up their meetings.

It is Aramaic for the Temple’s doorkeeper. Though it is unisex, it is a much-loved name for girls among the Irish.

It could also mean star and tower. Tara is a symbol of compassion, protection, and wisdom.


Scottish girls names immerse us in Scotland’s legendary culture, intriguing history, mythology, and language.

They are mysterious and ethereal, yet powerful and full of character. You will love the names for their beauty.

They are part of the Scottish identity that the people hold dear and pass down to the next generation.

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