Elegant Royal Baby Girl Names That Are Noble

The name of a royal means power and authority. It is also a mark of fine living and class. A royal is a treasure. It is no wonder that we behold our little girls as princesses. Different types of names allude to a monarchy, and we offer you a curated list of the best royal baby girl names and their meanings.

Fit For A Queen: A Royal Name For Your Princess

Royal names carry great honors with which comes responsibility. A girl named after a queen symbolizes the value her parents place on philanthropy, physical and inner beauty, and power.

These names have also been common among duchesses and saints. Here is a list of the beautiful and evergreen names for your belle.

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Classic Royal Baby Girl Names With Meanings


Diana, fondly remembered as the Princess of Wales, is the epitome of a modern-day princess fairy tale despite her tragic demise. The name Diana in Latin means fertile, and in Hebrew, it means illuminating. 

She is the mythical virgin goddess of hunting and the moon, who protects women in the delicate process of childbirth. Variations include Daiena, Daine, Deanna, and Dijana. The popular nicknames of this Roman goddess include Di, Ana, Deedee, and Dee.

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Elizabeth comes from Elisheba, a Hebrew name that means my God is bountiful. It also means consecrated by God. In the bible, she is the mother of John the Baptist, while among the royalty, we have Queen Elizabeth.

Some trendy nicknames for Elizabeth include Elissa, Tetty, Liz, Lisa, Eliza, Lisbeth, Betty, and Bessie. The variations include Lisabeta, Isobel, Lesetta, and Elisabeth.


Mary has been a name for a lady distinguished by her status and achievements. She is the mother of the Messiah, and she is Mary Magdalene too. Several queens bore the name.

Mary means star of the sea, beloved and one who wishes for a child. Mary means bitterness in Latin and Greek, and its variations include Maria, Miriam, and Mariam. The cute nicknames include Mamie, Ray, Mae, Mimie, Polly, and Maisy.


Phillipa is a feminine version of Philip. It means a love of horses and captures a passion for equestrian pursuits.

Phillipa is also Pip, Pipkin, Pippa, Pippin, and Piper. Among the royalty, Phillipa of Lancaster was the Queen of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. 


Stephanie is a female form of Stephen. Stephanie means crown, garland, or wreath in Greek.

It was the name of the queen of Navarre. She reigned in the 11th century. It is also the name of the Princess of Monaco. Her nicknames include Steph, Nia, and Stephi.

Uncommon Royal Names For Girls


Alexandra is Greek. Her name means defender of man. A notable monarch named so was the fashionista princess of Denmark, who married into royalty in 1863.

There are trendy diminutives to the name, such as Alex, Xandra, Alexa and Lexi. It is a strong royal baby girl name for a confident and powerful woman.


Nefertiti was the alluring and powerful queen of ancient Egypt. She remains romanticized and immortalized in numerous texts and movies.

Her name means a beautiful woman has come. The variations to her title include Lady of Grace and Wife of the Strong Bull.

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Athaliah is notable as the only female to have ruled the Israelites after killing the viable heirs to the throne.

She was the daughter of Queen Jezebel, and her name means Yahweh has elevated in Hebrew. Athaliah is a name that will rock for your bundle of sunshine.


Astrid is a regal name that runs among the Swedish royal lineage. It is ancient Norse for fair and god and originates from the Viking era.

It is the name for a beautiful and bright girl with Asta as its rarely used diminutive.

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Lilioukalani means a burning pain in the eyes. This is the name of the last and only queen of the kingdom of Hawaii.

It also means heavenly royalty or honored ruler. It is a unique name to capture the glamorous and intellectual nature of a sweet girl.

Trending Female Royal Names 


Charlotte is a classic royal name that has been in royal history and is now trending with Prince William’s daughter. Charlotte is the feminine of Charles, which means petite or liberated.

The French name has cute alternatives like Lola, Lottie, Carlotta, Charley, and Char. Prince William fondly refers to his Charlotte as Mignonette, which is French for delicate and small. 


Caroline means a free person and originates from Charles. It is a name used among the royalty in England, Monaco and Italy.

Its alternatives include Callie, Carolyn, Carol, Caz, and Carrie. Carol also means a song of happiness.

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Victoria is Latin for victory from Vitori which means triumph and victorious. It is the feminine version of Victor. This name is synonymous with Nike, the Greek goddess of victory. It symbolizes power and confidence.

The famous Queen Victoria of England is an example of a regal lady by that name. Favorite alternative forms of Victoria include Vicky, Tori, and Vicci.

Biblical Royal Baby Girl Names


Esther is a Persian royal baby girl name that means star and alludes to the goddess Ishtar. Ishtar is the deity of fertility, love, and beauty.

In the bible, Esther was the brave and patriotic queen who saved the Jews from a planned genocide.

The popular variations and nicknames of the name include Essi, Hester, Stella, Ettie, and Eistir. 


Abigail was an intelligent woman and one of David’s queens. Abigail is the hallmark of a father’s delight for having a daughter, for it means a father’s joy.

Abigail and Avigail in Hebrew have a similar meaning to Abram. The monikers include Abigael, Abby, Gabby, Apikalia, and Abi.

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Hadassah was the Hebrew name of Queen Esther of Persia. This is one of my favorite royal baby girl names that means myrtle tree, which is a symbol of love, peace, and prosperity.

The name also implies compassion and a person who is ready to serve God in a unique circumstance. The alternatives include Addassa, Addassah, and Hadie.


Bathsheba was famous as the wife of David, who married him through a controversial affair.

She went on to become the mother of King Solomon. Bathsheba means daughter of oath, from Hebrew Bethsheva.

Some short royal baby girl names and variations for it include Sheba, Bathsuba, Beth, and Barsabe. 


Names given after monarchs depict a regal and majestic character. Such a name shows the treasured place the little angel holds in her parent’s hearts and the family.

All societies have their bespoke collection of royal baby girl names, and the names speak for themselves. They are elegant, classy, and timeless.

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