9 Beautiful Potpourri Container Ideas

Potpourri is an eye-catching presentation of dried floral parts and spices. These components bring out scents that define a room’s ambiance.

Potpourri gives pleasant aromas and dispels bad odors. It is often a focal point of a display in a room when arranged in gorgeous containers, such as dishes and bowls, to add style and appeal. Consider the following hacks for aesthetic and functional potpourri container ideas.

Top Tips for Potpourri Container Ideas

Potpourri is a lifestyle and design upgrade that uses dried-out heads of flowers or their beautiful petals, citrus, herbs, and spices. When this or that bouquet dries, and you feel it’s time to toss it out, it is time to make potpourri.

Their fading fragrance needs a boost of fragrance or essential oil to fix it to become the famed aromatic, decorative, and relaxing décor trick. The following are types of containers that display potpourri elegantly while preserving its aroma.

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Clear Vase or Jar

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Deck out potpourri as a glamorous filler for a transparent clear vase. The potpourri will make your room pop as a focal point on a table or countertop.

The colorful potpourri visible through the vase and accentuated with natural or artificial lighting enhances the potpourri by warming it while creating an ethereal display.

Wood Bowl

Some potpourri shops offer unique wood display bowls that make for beautiful potpourri container ideas. You can order a custom-made piece by talented carvers. Some suppliers import such beautiful designs from hardwoods for longevity. Still, you can get some beautiful wood bowls to display your potpourri from Amazon like this one here.

The bowls have a natural beeswax finish, giving them a classic shine and bringing out the wood grain’s magnificence. Such a beautiful masterpiece becomes a centerpiece for displaying potpourri on a table or countertop. 

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Vintage Wood Container

Beyond the round wood bowl used to hold and display potpourri, décor savvy designers and homeowners hunt for rustic wood containers for potpourri. Such potpourri container ideas come in many shapes and showcase sculpting artistic flair. 

Some are souvenirs from travels to distant lands, and others are collector’s items from thrift stores and pawnshops. They are alluring items, some with rustic embossed artwork and others with authentic staining.

The vintage wood containers become valuable artsy pieces completed with the beautiful potpourri.

Muslin Bags

Muslin bags for Potpourri Container Ideas

Image Credit:cleaneatingmag.com

Making muslin potpourri sachets is a popular DIY hack for preparing and displaying potpourri. The procedure involves collecting your favorite potpourri dry ingredients and combining them in a bowl. 

Add essential oils and transfer to a sealed container for at least three weeks to infuse. 

Now spoon the potpourri portions into muslin bags. Pack the potpourri loosely for air circulation.

You can gift such sachets, hang them around the house, and place them in closets and vehicles to improve air quality.

Nerdy Test-tube Holder

Someone working in a science-based setting or a lab enthusiast can also have relaxing times with potpourri and to bring out the best of the surroundings.

This nerdy idea of displaying potpourri involves setting up a test-tube holder and placing a test tube with potpourri in it. It is an ingenuous way of recycling old wooden test-tube holders to enhance an industrial or rustic décor theme.

Mason Jars

mason jar for potpourri

One of the many ways Mason jars make life easy is by being used as display containers for potpourri. The clear glass jar gives the attractive potpourri a classy touch. Mason jars are versatile decoration items. 

You can make subtle drawings on them or embellish them with seasonal or favorite decorations like cloth, ribbons, beads, and bows. 

Their size allows them to be placed in different locations in different rooms. They are versatile containers for storing and displaying potpourri to allow the potpourri to infuse delicious aromas.

Rustic China

displaying potpourri in china ware

Cups, bowls, saucers, side plates, and plates make convenient displays for potpourri. You can display old China or ceramics in your living spaces and add potpourri for the authentic aromatherapy touch.

Use fragrant and beautiful rose, hydrangea, and any other favorite ingredients, top them up with a fixer of essential oils and lay them out on a plate, bowl, or coffee cup.

Baskets for Potpourri

Potpourri baskets, like the confetti and petal baskets, are charming affairs. You can order a wicker mini basket or repurpose old baskets as a display for potpourri. Other common materials for such baskets include wool, sisal, and raffia.

Maybe you have an antique basket in your home as a souvenir. You can use that as a beautiful and useful potpourri display.

Improvised and DIY objects

Displaying potpourri is a healthy and creative lifestyle choice. It leaves plenty of wriggle room for creativity with improvised and DIY objects.

You can weave a basket, make a paper basket, or use old or emptied containers that once held different supplies. 

DIY artwork from modelling with clay, tailoring, and carving comprises various options for improvising for potpourri display ideas. It all depends on whether you want to display dry or wet potpourri.


Potpourri can last up to three months, and the wet variety can last even longer. In that duration, please take advantage of these natural scent infusers by displaying them in one of the beautiful potpourri container ideas we’ve shared.

Potpourri is a décor trick that lifts the mood and lacks the irritants and chemicals in artificial air fresheners. Purchase or improvise a gorgeous container to display your beautiful and fragrant potpourri. 

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