Arms Too Short To Wipe? Here’s What To Do

Arms too short to wipe

Toilet hygiene is a simple task we learn early on, but it can be tricky for others. Some people struggle with arms too short to wipe after using the toilet. This often occurs in adults of different ages and body sizes. For such individuals, visiting the toilet is something they hate but have to deal … Read more

Why Is Canola Oil Banned In Europe?

Why is Canola Oil banned in Europe?

There have been rumours that canola oil is banned in Europe. While it is true that some countries in Europe find its components hazardous, the ban is a different story altogether. If you are still wondering why is canola oil banned in Europe? Read on as we discover its components and why the EU has … Read more

How To Melt Queso Fresco Perfectly

How to melt Queso Fresco

Queso Fresco, Spanish for ‘fresh cheese,’ is a staple in many Mexican dishes. If you are reading this, you’re probably frustrated and looking for tips on how to melt queso fresco. This mild, soft, tangy white cheese doesn’t melt well.  Queso fresco can melt; it won’t give you that creamy end product. Queso fresco melts … Read more

How Long Can Lettuce Sit Out?+ Storage Tips

how long does lettuce sit out?

Lettuce is delicate and goes bad quickly without refrigeration and proper handling. So, how long can lettuce sit out? Well, it won’t go bad immediately, but it usually doesn’t last long sitting on the countertop.  Leafy greens such as lettuce keep better in colder temperatures. Lettuce, in particular, will only remain fresh and crispy in … Read more

Does Wendy’s Sell Fries In The Morning?

Does Wendy's Sell Fries In The Morning

If you crave fries in the morning, you might wonder if you can get some at your local Wendy’s. Does Wendy’s sell fries in the morning? We cover everything you need about Wendy’s menu hours and offerings.  So, can you order fries in the morning at Wendy’s? You’ll unlikely be allowed to order fries early … Read more

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