7 Of The Most Creative Nondenominational Holiday Decorations Ideas

The trees are bare, and the smell of snow is in the air; it’s time for some much-needed season decorations. Although Christians treat Christmas as a religious holiday, there are many ways for those without similar beliefs to enjoy the season.

For instance, you can decorate your home with inclusive winter holiday decorations that do not signify religion. Here are a few exciting ideas of how you can put up nondenominational holiday decorations this Christmas.

Nondenominational Holiday Colors

Unlike the traditional Christmas hues that are primarily red and green, non-denominational holiday colors are simple shades. The idea is to keep the palette plain while still maintaining some vibrancy.

For example, instead of using the usual holiday ornaments and trinkets, go for a natural and cozy winter-season decor theme.

nondenominational holiday decorations

Any colors that spruce up the space and add warmth without boldly signifying a religious Christmas are perfect. 

In addition, avoid popular elements that lean towards a specific denomination, such as nativity scenes.

While Santa is not necessarily a religious belief, it is a Christmas season tradition that you can also exclude.

Lastly, a wood theme is natural for winter non-religious decoration ideas. Scatter a few custom-made pieces around your space for a sophisticated yet neutral feel.

The Best Non-Denominational Holiday Decorations

We all celebrate the holidays for different reasons. It may be a symbolic season for some, while the rest enjoy an excuse to get together and party with loved ones.

Therefore, if you are looking for a decor theme that isn’t specific to any religion, here are a few fantastic ideas. You can find these classic supplies online or in your local store.

Plain Herb Wreaths

inclusive holiday decorations

Image Credit :cutertudor.com

Natural plants work best for non-religious winter decorations, as they provide a lush and airy feel.

Make this plain herb wreath that you can hang up in your living room or on the mantle. It is a symbol of celebration without the usual pizzazz of a religious holiday. 

Furthermore, it is a natural air freshener due to the rosemary and lavender blooms carefully intertwined.

I saw the same display last winter, and the natural color combination goes well with most aesthetics. Whether you are going for a minimalist or cozy look, it’s a timeless piece.

Twinkle Lights Chandelier

non denominational holiday decorations ideas

Image Credit :thenomadstudio.com

Fairy lights are not just Christmas decorations. Besides being used all year round, they come in different designs to brighten your space.

Skip those twinkly red and green ones this winter and create this fairy light chandelier you can hang anywhere. 

Take down the plain overhead lighting in your kids’ bedrooms and use this instead; they’ll love the dancing display. You can also use these fairy lights to switch up your porch decor.

Drape them around the railing or string them over your porch plants to illuminate your outdoor dining area.

Shot Glass Candleholders

Non-Christmas Holiday Decor Ideas

Image Credit :homemadebycarmona.com

Candles are elegant for non-denominational holiday decorations. They provide extra warmth and lighting to your home, and you display them in numerous ways. One creative yet stylish way is to make DIY shot glass candleholders. 

Besides having an antique look, it is a neutral decor idea that you can incorporate into any secular home.

Glass jars are also a suitable alternative, especially if you insert flame-less candles for a chic appearance.

Miniature Tree Sculptures

non denominational miniature tree decor for the holidays

Image Credit :woodchuckcanuck.com

Christmas trees are not typically a religious theme but are a long-standing tradition for the winter holidays.

Custom-make these mini wooden tree sculptures instead of your standard pine tree for rustic decor all year. 

Alternatively, get generic miniature ones from a store. They portray the different elements of the season without being overwhelming.

Furthermore, the contrasting brown tones will add warmth and color to any plain furniture, readying you for a cozy winter indoors. 

DIY Non-Denominational Christmas Decorations

There is an unexplained joy that comes with DIY decorations, primarily if you can involve your children.

You get to explore their creativity and make memories and items that will last a lifetime.

So, if you are into DIY projects, here are a few non-religious winter decorations to consider. 

Chinese Paper Lanterns

Chinese paper lanterns as nondenominational holiday decor

Image Credit :taunieverett.com

Instead of the red and green paper lantern Christmas crafts for your kids, have them do this one instead.

The Chinese New Year celebrations are colorful and vibrant, similar to this simple decor idea.

The black and gold texture paper is lovely, and they can double as birthday decor pieces late in the year. 

It’s also an exciting way to celebrate the holidays without the usual religious fare of Christmas.

By choosing to use a different nationality’s theme, you create an inclusive atmosphere where you can begin new family traditions. 

Bright Orange Citrus Garland

Bright orange citrus garland decoration

Image Credit :callmecupcake.se

Make this classic citrusy garland instead of the usual green leaves and bright ornaments garland.

It is an environment-friendly addition to your fireplace, perfect if you are a sustainability decorator. 

Any citrus fruit will do if you can’t find oranges. Using an oven, dry the orange slices, then use a toothpick to thread yarn to make a fruit garland of a suitable length.

It’s a colorful substitute for the usual religious holiday decor. 

Simple popsicle stick snowflakes

Stick popsicles snowflakes decoration

Image Credit :makingmanzanita.com

Did you know you can decorate with snowflakes for a non-religious holiday theme?

These winter decor elements are easy to make, and you can include a pop of color for the outdoors.

Make them in different sizes to add a bit of texture to your DIY decor theme. Once complete, attach the plain ones to your walls or hang them in a string on your mantle.

Have the kids add sparkle to a few that will go outdoors to shine when the lights go on.


Having non-denominational holiday decorations is the best way for everyone to celebrate the winter festivities. Many standard practices, like the Christmas tree, may appear religious but have secular origins.

So put up that tree, but skip the bright color ornaments and hang up items symbolic to you and your loved ones.

Keep the Santa Claus spirit alive for the young kids, if only for the thoughtful gifts; after all, it’s the season for giving.

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