13 Best Hanging Plants For Bathroom That Do Well

Integrating hanging plants into bathroom décor is a trendy decorating idea. Plants infuse nature’s beauty into your home, bringing health benefits and a spa-quality ambiance. We explore the best hanging plants for bathroom that thrive and add calmness to your space.

best hanging plants for bathroom

How To Pick Hanging Plants for Bathroom Decoration

Bathrooms hold a lot of moisture due to the frequent water and steam flow. The constant use of water generates a humid atmosphere.

Some bathrooms lack an adequate supply of natural light. These two factors pose a challenge to the growth and flourishing of most plants. 

Therefore, it is wise to choose plants that can thrive in the unique environment of a bathroom.

The size of the bathroom and the rate and extent of the plant’s growth matter, too.


bathroom plants that absorb moisture

Ferns are among the most popular and enduring indoor plants. They bloom into spectacular foliage that gives a bathroom an authentic nature ambiance.

Use macramé hangers to lift this plant off the ground for a stunning display of its exuberance.

Rubber Plant

The rubber plant is a picture of robustness. If you are looking for hanging plants for bathroom, then large rubber plants are ideal for spacious restrooms.

Rubber plants have shiny leaves that effortlessly lift the ambiance of the room. A little water and not much attention are enough to turn them into glorious greenery for the bathroom.

Spider plant

best hanging plants for bathroom

Long, drooping leaves and the additional baby plants that grow on them make the spider plant a beautiful and expansive plant for hanging in a bathroom.

It loves humid conditions and does not appear to mind low light, which encourages the proliferation of its green and yellow-striped thin leaves.

This plant purifies the air and enhances the refreshing vibe in the bathroom.

String of Pearls

The string of pearls is a delicate work of tendrils on which successively arraigned small pearly and succulent leaves sit.

It grows fast, and claims say it has anticancer properties. String of pearls needs moderate light, and its lusciousness gives it some resilience in the indoor environment.


The Swiss cheese plant, or monstera, is a moisture-loving plant ideal for a bathroom. Monsteras are easy to care for.

They do not need much watering. Monsteras are natives of the wet rainforest regions and have adapted to the rainy conditions with their holey leaves.

Their leaves give a rich, luscious glow when polished with coconut oil.


best plants for bathroom no window

Orchids are dainty yet colorful plants that do well in bathrooms. They are robust and thrive even with minimal attention.

They do well in high-humidity environments such as tropical areas and steamy bathrooms. Their purple blooms make a bathroom’s décor pop.

The Peace Lily

The peace lily thrives even without direct light. With time, it blossoms with white flowers that brighten a bathroom.

Its leaves purify the air by absorbing mildew and mold. In a moist and humid bathroom, it controls the growth of harmful spores.

Flamingo Flower

The stunning flamingo flower is a captivating plant with exuberant foliage. Its vibrant pink flowers bloom all through the year.

This captivating plant is a natural mood booster and a statement addition to bathroom décor.

English Ivy

best indoor hanging plants for bathroom

Golden Pothos

The English ivy plant grows relatively fast and adapts to most soil and atmospheric conditions.

It has air-cleansing properties, and its antioxidant effects improve respiratory conditions in people with poor lung health.

However, its leaves are mildly toxic, making it necessary to hang this otherwise beautiful evergreen plant to keep it out of the way.

When looking for small yet eye-catching indoor plants, pothos fits the bill. It is a climber, which makes it one of the best hanging plants for bathroom.

Pothos is also resilient, which makes it excellent for owners who have little time or may forget to give the plant regular attention. 

Snake Plant

hanging plants suitable for bathroom

Snake plants are favorite perennials famous for air purification. Due to the humidity in the bathroom, they can do with two or three rounds of watering per month.

The snake plant is a hardy gift from nature, able to do well in little light and flounders with excess watering.

It is another option for anyone who wishes to have plants and has little time to pamper them.

Lipstick Plant

The beautiful basket vine, popularly called the lipstick plant, is a perennial native of Asia. Its characteristic tubular red flowers burst from dark maroon buds.

As the flowers grow, they extend in length and look like red lipstick popping out of its tube. The vine blooms frequently in warm and humid conditions, like the bathroom.

Heartleaf Philodendron

This tropical plant’s heart-shaped dark leaves make it a favorite for its lush appearance.

The heartleaf plant requires minimal care, an ideal choice for beginners and busy plant owners.

It thrives in relatively humid conditions and scales out as a climber to add charm and character as a bathroom hanging plant.


The bathroom decoration niche continues to evolve with new decorating ideas and technology.

Incorporating hanging plants for bathroom will turn your bath space into an inviting and relaxing room in the home.

Besides adding spectacular bursts of natural beauty, indoor hanging plants for a bathroom boost the air quality by purifying it. Some have medicinal properties.

As you choose your bathroom hanging plants, enhance their beauty with eye-catching pots, vases, baskets, or a trellis.

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