Rare Greek Girl Names And Their Enchanting Meanings

The Greeks have given plenty to the world in their evolution through the centuries. One of these gifts is the beautiful Greek girl names. These names hold profound meaning and celebrate and record the various aspects of the sophisticated Greeks’ life.

They are timeless names borne by heroic and illustrious women. Let us take stock of some of them.

The Allure of Mysterious and Strong Greek Girl Names

Ancient Greek girl names are as majestic and chic today as they were when given to girls centuries ago.

Some of them have trendy alternatives but retain their authentic, mysterious allure. If you are looking for a Greek name for your ethereal, beautiful daughter, you will be delighted to peruse the list of such names below.

Girl Greek Names from Mythical Goddesses 


Antheia ruled nature as the goddess of gardens, vegetation, blossoms, and marshlands. She was the goddess of human love and the daughter of Zeus.

Her name means flower or blossom, and she inspires friendship, community, trust, and love.

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Athena is one of the most famous Greek girl names. Athena, the daughter of Zeus, was the goddess of crafts, war and wisdom.

She was also known as Parthenos, or virgin, which would inspire your daughter to chastity. Athena also symbolizes resourcefulness. The name’s variants include Atena, Athina and Athene.


Would you believe that good old Doris is a Greek goddess? She was a sea goddess and the mother of Nereids, the sea nymph. She was the daughter of Oceanus.

The name means gift and originated from the term Dorian woman or a woman from the Dorian tribe.

Dot, Thea, and D are fond monikers for Doris. She is bountiful and the giver of wealth and marine gifts.


Hera was a Grecian goddess of marriage and women. She was the wife and sibling of Zeus. The Romans call her Juno and she is the queen of the Olympian gods.

The Greeks worshipped her as the protector of women during childbirth. It is one of the best Greek girl names for a baby you hope will courageously fight the vicissitudes of life. That is so because Hera was also a commendable warrior.  

Beautiful Greek Female Names


Callie, probably from Callisto or Calista, means lovely. In Greek mythology, she was a nymph of Artemis.

The name also means feminine woman; its alternatives are Kallista, Kallistee and Caroline.


Occasionally, we refer to Cynthia as Cinny, Tia, Cindy, and Thea. She was the gorgeous goddess of hunting and her name means moon.

This greek girl name originates from her birthplace, Mount Kynthos. She is the personification of the moon.


Dido is another Greek superstar of old. She was the mythical founder and monarch of ancient Carthage who died for her love of Aeneas.

Dido is a wanderer and virgin, famed as the moon goddess and was also known as Astarte. Elissa is an alternative, and she represents passion.

Girl in purple with Greek girl names


Lois means rainbow, better or more desirable. It is a simple and short gender-neutral Greek name found among the Greek aristocracy.

It also means most beautiful and superior. Lois appears in the Bible as the grandmother of Saint Timothy in the New Testament.

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Tessa, in Greek, is a reaper or gatherer. Tess or Tessa also features in our societies as a diminutive of Theresa, which means harvester or summer.

She is a child of strong character and pioneering spirit. Other variants include Teresia and Teresa.


Stephanie has been an enduring hit on the naming scene.

Stefania’s authentic Greek version stems from Stephanos, which is Greek for garland, wreath, or crown, designated for winners among the Greeks.

Stephanie is an elegant and accomplished woman.

Ancient Greek Names for Girls

beautiful girl with greek baby girl names sleeping on white swaddle


Bassilia is a sovereign name that means royal, regal, and queenly. It originates from Basileus which translates to ruler.

The bearer of this rare name ought to personify its implied essence of leadership and strength.


Ianthe means purple flower in Greek, like Lavender, violet or Lilac.

It is an ethereal name with a poetic ring for the mythical goddess who was so beautiful that purple flowers grew around her grave upon her demise.


Katherine from the Greek katharos means pure. The ancient Greek version is Aikaterini or Ekaterini, which means each of the two.

It also has an origin in Hekateros, meaning far off. Katherine is the name of Hekate, who was a goddess. 

It has many variations across different cultures, such as Catherine, Kate, Cateline, and Caitlin. There are several saints named along those variations.

Popular Greek Girl Names


Cassandra was a prophetess and a Trojan princess. Her name means shining upon man. The sweet name is a tragic symbol of mobbing, sex abuse and gender inequality and is associated with a curse in mythology.

Despite the morbid history, this beautiful name has endured time and has nicknames like Sandy, Cassie, and Sandra.


The name conjures Demi Moore, a mega Hollywood star. Demi is a diminutive of Demetria, which means small or half. It is another appealing gender-neutral Greek name. 

Demetria means adherent of Demeter and is inspired by the goddess of agriculture. It also has the connotation of a demigod, meaning an individual who is part divine and part human. The variants include Mimi and Dee.


Ella is a fairy princess, the daughter of Greek deities Athmas and Nephele. The name means goddess, light or dawn.

It is a standalone name, and societies that use it interpret it to mean beautiful.

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Nicole, derived from Nikolaos, is one of our top picks for Greek girl names that means victorious people.

It is a common name of Greek ancestry with lovely sounding variations like Nikolina, Nikita, Nikki, and Nikia. Nicole has an amiable and peaceful personality.


Tiffany is an Anglicised alternative of the Greek Theophanes or Theophania, which means Revelation or manifestation of God.

Tiffany also represents God’s incarnate and divine manifestation and was given to girls born during the Feast of the Epiphany.

The modern nicknames for Tiffany include Taffy, Fannie, Tee and Fan.


The iconic Greeks have left their mark on various civilisations. Their female personalities in real life and mythology are immortalised in the timeless yet ancient Greek girl names.

We continue to honour them in choosing the profound and beautiful Greek names for our little angels.

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