Cute Girl Names That Start With W And Their Meanings

Naming your baby girl is a special thing to many parents. If you want to name your baby girl with a name that starts with w, we’ve got you. We have compiled unique girl names that start with w that you can choose from.

Girl names that start with w symbolize strength, wisdom and natural beauty. Whether it’s a traditional name like Winfred or a modern name like Willow, girl names that start with a w always have a feminine and elegant vibe.

Pretty girl names starting with w are numerous and have different meanings as shown in this article.

Unique Girl Names That Start With W For A Girl

Below are names for girls that start with w perfect for your little bundle of joy.


The name Wendy was made famous by J.M. Barrie’s ‘Peter Pan,’ and it’s a symbol of nurture and generosity. This name radiates warmth and kindness.

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Originating from Native Americans, it means firstborn daughter. It has a strong sense of tradition and extensive cultural significance.


Wilhelmina, the feminine form of Wilhelm and it has a German origin. It symbolizes resilience and drive.


The name Wisteria is inspired by nature and comes from the lovely flowering vine. It combines a whimsical, romantic feel with the current trend of giving females floral names. 


Willa is a traditional feminine version of William. It’s a bold and stylish option that conveys determination and a spirit of innovation.


The virtue name wisdom represents knowledge, sound judgment, and experience. It’s a name with a powerful meaning and potential aspiration.


The name Wynn is Welsh for blessed. This name is short and charming with a powerful meaning condensed into one word. 


Wren, named after the little songbird, has a whimsical and adorable personality. It signifies a liberated attitude and a fondness for the natural world.

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Waverly means a ‘meadow of quivering aspens,’ it is poetic and has a natural feel to it. This name is ideal for those who value peace and beauty.


This English-inspired name is derived from the name of the beautiful willow tree.

The name willow evokes notions of resilience and flexibility because willow trees are renowned for their ability to bend without breaking. 

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Girl Names That Start With Letter W


Wanda is a Slavic word meaning a wanderer. It’s an adventure-seeking historical name. This name symbolizes self-reliance and determination.


This name is a Sioux version of Winona, meaning first-born daughter. Wynonna radiates confidence and leadership qualities.


Wilma is Wilhelmina’s diminutive and is a good name for a strong and classic girl. It evokes perseverance and an adventurous mindset. 


Winter is a modern and distinctive name that evokes power and purity. It is ideal, for a baby girl born in the winter. 


An elegant name with regal associations. The name Wallis, which is associated with the Duchess of Windsor, is powerful and elegant.

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Looking for soft girl names that start with w? Whisper is a modern word name that symbolizes softness and stillness. Its soft, airy feel goes well with the current trend for unique word names.


Willette is an elegant and classy diminutive of Wilhelmina. It is ideal for parents looking for a name with a sense of grandeur.


Winry is a modern name that became well-known due to the manga and anime series “Fullmetal Alchemist.” It mixes aspects of names like Winnie and Audrey to create a distinctive sound.


This is one of the most beautiful and unique girl names that start with w. It means white meadow. It’s elegant and ideal for parents looking for a distinctive yet sophisticated name.


A modern name that combines a forward-thinking name with a chic suffix. It is stylish and adventurous.

Baby Girl Names That Start With W

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An English name that means appealing. It has a charming, vintage feel that goes well with the trend for virtue names. 


Wylene is a variation of Wilhelm’s name which means resolute protection.

It’s feminine with a hint of uniqueness.


Wylda, which means untamed is a distinctive and adventurous name.


A name in Welsh that means fair and blessed.

It was fairly popular in the early 20th century and has a vintage vibe.


Wynnelee, a blend of Wynne with the trendy-lee suffix, is charming and distinctive. It is ideal for a baby girl.

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Winslowe is a sophisticated and creative rendition of Winslow. It’s lovely and distinctive.


Wylie, once a surname, is now a popular first name. It has a lively sound.


Wynter is a modern variation on Winter that gives the name of the season a distinctive twist.

Though it feels more modern, it has the same associations of strength and purity.


A feminine version of Wyn, which in Welsh means blessed. It became well-known due to country music artist Tammy Wynette. 


Wendelin is a Germanic name meaning wanderer. It is unique and historical.

Why are female names that start with w becoming more popular?

The growing trend toward unique and distinctive names has contributed to the rise in popularity of W names.

W has a powerful sound and can be used to form memorable names.

Furthermore, a lot of W names have ties to the natural world, which fits with the current preference for names that are nature-inspired.

How have trends in W names for girls changed over time?

The popularity of W names shifted during the last century. A few vintage W names that were well-liked in the early 20th century are making a comeback in popularity.

In the meantime, distinctive and unique W names have emerged, indicating shifting naming preferences.

What should I consider when choosing a W name for my baby girl?

Consider the name’s origin, meaning, and pronunciation.

Consider how it fits in with the surname, possible nicknames, and whether it is in line with your cultural or personal values.

To Sum Up

Parents looking for something unique for their daughters have a plethora of alternatives when it comes to female names that start with W.

These names offer the ideal beginning point for the lifelong journey of identification and self-expression that starts with a name, ranging from classic timeless names to modern creativity.

In this article various girl names start with w that will win your heart and look great on your little girl, whether you are drawn to the strength of Wilhelmina, the whimsical charm of Willa, or the natural beauty of Willow.

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