Beautiful Girl Names That Mean Miracle Or Blessing

A miracle is an extraordinary manifestation of divine help in our affairs. It can happen to an individual or a community and becomes part of folklore. Sometimes people use baby girl names that mean miracle as a reminder of this exceptional help. The names encourage others to sustain their faith and patience in affliction. 

Besides remembering or calling for a miracle through a girl’s name, the child may also be a miracle. The following are timeless names given to girls to capture the profound impact of a miracle.

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Wonderful Girl Names Synonymous to Miracle


Miracle is a gender-neutral name that depicts the essence of an extraordinary event. It means marvel or wonder and stems from the Latin miraculum.

Its popular nicknames include Mia and Mira, and are a name given to show the angel beat great odds to come into the world.


Milagros is Spanish for surprise or miracle. It is a name given to a daughter to wish her good health, good luck, and a bright future.

It also captures the essence of the beautiful miracle of having a baby girl. Milagros is a part of the reference to the Virgin Mary as our Lady of Miracles.

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Mirielle is a Hebrew and French name which means admire or miraculous in English. The enchanting name also means God has spoken.

We would take that to mean that it describes a situation where God has intervened. It also means lovely, and its variant is Mira.


Marvella is another lyrical name meaning to marvel at something extraordinary.

It captures the wonder a miracle brings as witnesses marvel at it. Marvella is a name for a girl whose presence in your life feels miraculous.


Pelia is a treasured Latin and Hebrew name. It means marvel of God or the Lord’s miracle.

The name honors faith in God and has alternatives like Pelaiah and Peliah. It is synonymous with Peninah, the mother of Samuel, and it also means wonder.

Girl Names meaning Gift from God

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It is a popular name in Greece and Egypt. Isadora means gift of Isis and she was an ancient goddess of fertility believed to possess magical healing powers. Due to that, Isadora also implies the gift of the goddess.


Genevieve is a French name for a regal and sophisticated lady. It means God’s blessing, and she is the patron Saint of France. Genna is one of its elegant diminutives.


Jana is Hebrew, for God is gracious. Its alternatives are Jane and John. It is a unisex name, and the feminine version stems from the Hebrew Yehochanan. We receive many blessings and miracles out of God’s grace.


Jasmine is a gift from God and a fragrant flower. Those are the interpretations of this beautiful Persian name. The timeless name features in classic lists and modern naming styles. Its chic alternatives. Include Jazmine, Jasmine, and Jazz.


Jessica has Jewish roots in the name Isska meaning one who sees. It is a popular name with the variants Jessi, Jessie, and Jess.

Jessica means God’s gift, God beholds and God’s grace. It also means wealthy, as riches were considered a blessing.

Religious Names of Girls that mean Miracle


The Hebrew name Eliana portrays gratitude to God. It means my God has answered. It is also an ode of parents for profound gratitude.

They praise God after having prayed to have the baby and praying for its safe arrival, and God granted their requests.


She was the first woman to be created and the outcome of the biblical miracle of the creation of the universe.

Eve is an evergreen name that means life and breath and is the mother of creation.

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Lourdes is a French town famed for sightings of the Virgin Mary. A girl named Lourdes is a reminder of the many healing miracles that happened through the water at the venue.

People flock to the pilgrimage town for the waters believed to have healing powers.


Manna is the food sent from heaven that the Jews ate during the Exodus. The name acknowledges the power of God and His ability to meet our needs by divine providence.

It also records the miracle of manna in the wilderness for the Hebrews.


Mikayla finds a variant in Michaela, Mikki, Makayla, and Mica. The name means one who resembles God.

In the male version, Michael means a gift from God. It is a feminine version of the Christian name given to honour Saint Michael.


Moriah is a vintage Hebrew name for the Mountain that Abraham ascended to sacrifice Isaac, which is the location of Solomon’s Temple.

There, Yahweh beheld the depths of Abraham’s faith, and the name means seen by Yahweh. When Yahweh saw, Abraham miraculously found a ram for the sacrifice.

A child named so shows the parents’ belief that God rewards faith and obedience with special blessings.

Vintage Names For Girls that mean Miracle or Gift

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Alazne is a Spanish or Basque name that means miracle. It is rather popular in Europe, even in its variation, Alasne.


Althea is a Grecian name meaning healer or marsh flower. Also, Althaia, this mythical and elegant woman, could perform healing miracles, and the marsh plant also has miraculous healing power.

It shows compassion and willingness to intervene in unusual ways to help the suffering. 


Dorothea rolls of the tongue with elegance making it top of my elegant girl names that means miracle or gift from God. It originates from Greece.

The French and German spell it as Dorothee. Dorothy could be its English and modern version.


Eudora means a good gift, as miracles are. It evokes gratitude and joy for the baby’s presence in your life.

It also implies generous gifts and is a popular and charismatic Greek name for the Hyades nymphs in Greek mythology.


Mireya is Spanish and means miracle or admirable.

It has Latin roots, and its Hebrew male version means Yahweh has said.


Human society has recordings of miracles. They may be unique incidents, such as miraculously surviving malefic situations like accidents and illness.

Other times, it may be an overwhelming blessing, such as the miracle of conception, childbirth and parenting.

That is why almost all societies have girl names that mean miracle or survivor. 

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