13 Cheap DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Decorations & Gifts

You don’t have to spend a fortune to turn your home into a whimsical holiday treat this Christmas. Thanks to some amazing DIY Dollar Tree Christmas decorations & gift ideas, your winter holiday can be fun and affordable.

Read on to discover budget-friendly ideas to hand make adorable festive showpieces using Dollar Tree trinkets.

What To Make For Christmas DIY?

You can make tons of DIY Dollar Tree Christmas decorations and gifts with a bit of inspiration and creativity.

These simple dollar-store items range from tree ornament crafts and knick-knacks to various indoor and outdoor Christmas novelties.

Whether it’s your first DIYing or a top-secret family tradition, you can welcome the season in style and pomp.

Thanks to Dollar Tree, these projects are fun for children and adults and will bring Christmas cheer into every part of your home.

Dollar Tree Christmas Decorations

Ideas for DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Decorations & Gifts

Let’s spruce up your home with these simple handmade decor ideas. You will learn to convert bare Christmas decorations and gifts into fancy objects.

Besides being easy to put together, they will turn out so good you’ll be glad you made this cost-effective decision.

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Indoor Dollar Tree Christmas Decorations

Image Credit:dollartree.com

Upgrade your throw pillows using ribbons and fabric ornaments. There’s no need to sew, as you will use the existing covers.

Use hot glue and a little creativity to attach the holiday-themed piece carefully. Once Christmas ends, you can peel them off or store them for the next season.

DIY Holiday Tree Creations

Image Credit:crazydiymom.com

If you are working with a small space, these tabletop Christmas trees will be exciting to create. Dollar Tree has cone-shaped tinsel tree forms that you can decorate using bright-colored ribbon.

Use glue to adorn the plain ribbon with faux flowers or feathers. Finally, wrap a string of lights around them for a bright display. 

Christmas Lighting Decor

Image Credit:craftsysoul.com

Turn your kids’ old Hot Wheels track set into a beautiful candle lantern that you can spray paint into Christmas colors.

Attach flowers around the candle’s base at the bottom to maintain the festivities theme.

Christmas Tree Ornament

Image Credit:shescraftyandsheknowsit.com

Instead of the usual colorful Christmas tree ornaments, buy clear plastic balls at Dollar Tree and decorate them with different fillings.

You can fill them with beads, cotton, candy sticks, or tiny snowflakes. Attach ribbons and bows to complete your DIY Christmas tree decorations and hang them up.

Dollar Tree Navity Scene

Image Credit:confessionsofaplateaddict.blogspot.com

While some people splurge for a life-size Nativity scene outside their homes, you can recreate a miniature one inside yours.

Dollar Tree sells these tiny ones that you can glue greenery and faux flowers around. Place it on a bookshelf, countertop, or mantle for a whimsical Christmas backdrop.

Dining Table Decorations

Your dining table is another part of your home that will do with pretty DIY Dollar Tree Christmas decorations.

Find ornaments in various sizes, shades, and textures and place them on a display bowl to make a festive dining room centerpiece.

Alternatively, use your tiered tray to display numerous store-bought Christmas decor pieces.

DIY Wreaths

Image Credit:glitteronadime.com

Since Christmas wreaths are a must-have, you can assemble one using ribbons and cute ornaments.

Buy a round wire or candy cane wreath form at Dollar Tree, several rolls of holiday ribbons, and twine to hold it together.

Layer the ribbon in a pattern of choice, adding sparkle as needed for a rustic decor scene.

Dollar Tree Christmas Knit Wear

Image Credit:peachiespeechie.tumblr.com

Well, it isn’t the holidays without Grandma’s ugly Christmas sweaters. In this case, if you’d rather wear an old set, posh them up using small ornaments from Dollar Tree.

Anything from tiny light bulbs, snowmen, tree toppers, and actual trees can be sewn on.

DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Yard Decor

Image Credit:themakersmap.com

There are plenty of wood/metal outdoor signs and string lights at Dollar Tree to display outside your home.

Spread some cheer using quirky ones you can stick on your porch or at the gate. In addition, find several Santa signs that you can attach to your string of lights to create a lovely holiday belt.

Gift Basket Ideas From Dollar Tree

Image Credit:thediymommy.com

If you have a friend, colleague, or family member who loves cooking, gift them a pair of festive personalized oven mitts.

It’s a thoughtful, practical, affordable gift and always stays in style. You can also fill the basket with Christmas cutlery, snacks, Tupperware, or bathroom soap bottles available at the store.

Stocking Stuffers For Adults

Image Credit:lydioutloud.com

Another Dollar Tree gift idea includes finding stocking stuffers for the adults in the family. Buy a cheerful mug or custom takeaway cup for that early-morning coffee drinker in your household.

The store stocks numerous options, so you’ll be spoilt for choice. You can throw in a gift card if you are undecided.

Stocking Stuffers For Kids

Christmas shopping for children is the most effortless and exciting activity of all. At Dollar Tree, your options for kids’ stocking stuffers are unlimited.

You can get art supplies, small stuffed toys, Disney figurines, candy canes, coloring books, and card games. If you have older kids, get them cool accessories; we know they are technology-obsessed.

Gift Packaging at Dollar Tree

You’ll want to wrap and package all the gifts you buy at the store, so grab a few of their enchanting wrapping papers.

There are numerous kinds in various patterns and themes to make it a bit special.

Furthermore, you will find envelopes/cards for that Christmas letter to a loved one overseas or children in college who prefer cash.  

Dollar Tree Christmas Crafts

If you want to involve your kids in this year’s Christmas decor activities, try out the Dollar Tree craft projects below. These are easy for children aged 5-12, using basic art supplies.

  • Paint over store-bought ceramic holiday pieces.
  • Trace and cut out paper trees and wreaths using crayons. These can also be cute handmade Christmas cards they can send to friends and family members.
  • Select tiny cardboard Christmas trees and snowflakes and decorate them using plastic gems in various colors.
  • Create family heirloom Christmas Ornaments by painting them with their initials and the year. Imagine the excitement and memories of passing these down to your generation.


Head out and purchase your DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Decorations and gifts today. With a little imagination, you can turn inexpensive decor pieces into beautiful masterpieces that no one will tell you got cheap.

Alternatively, log in to their online store for easy picking and local store delivery. Your family will enjoy the holiday decor, and you will find plenty of thoughtful gift ideas without breaking the bank.

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