Stunning Cuban Baby Names With Meanings

I don’t know why they talk about rocket science, choosing a baby’s name is the ultimate extreme sport. However, it doesn’t have to be. The easiest way to get a name for your baby is by narrowing it down to your preferred theme or name origin. If your search leads you to Caribbean names, check out these stunning Cuban baby names for your little soon-to-come bundle of joy. 

Cuban names are a beautiful blend of Spanish names and native Caribbean names. You’ll also most likely get some bit of Greek names as well. Cuban names are a good choice, and you’re going to be happy with these exotic examples. 

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Unique Cuban Baby Names For Girls And Boys

It’s impossible to get a boring Cuban baby name. With the rich mix of cultures stemming from their colonial roots, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. 


Are you in search of a unique spiritual name that’s not just the normal biblical names Moses and Jeremiah? Bembe is a unique Cuban baby name that means prophet. 


If you’re an ardent fan of Che Guevara, you will love this name. The name Che means ‘God will increase.’

It’s the Cuban form of the name Jose. It’s a perfect name if you’re searching for a deeply spiritual one-syllable name. 


Eterio is pronounced IH-THI-RIO and is one of the sweetest names you’ll find. It originates from Greek and its meaning is “pure as heaven.”

That meaning feels like the perfect definition of what a baby is. It’s a wonderful prayer that they’ll always be humans with a pure heart. 


Are you thinking of the name John but think it’s too generic? Well, Cuba gives the perfect alternative in the name Juan.

Juan is the Spanish derivative of John, and it means ‘God is gracious. It can be used as a unisex name, unlike John which is a male name. 


The birth of a baby reminds us of the beauty and complexity of life. Yvelis is one of the most beautiful Cuban girl names for a beautiful girl that means ‘life’.

It’s a beautiful Caribbean name that’s given as a prayer and kind wished that the new babe will have a long, healthy life. 


Tracing its roots from Greece to the beautiful Cuban island, Acindina is a spectacular name.

It’s filled with good wishes as well, as its meaning portrays. Acindina means ‘safe’ and it’s every parent’s prayer that their baby will always be safe from all harm. 


How sweet are these Cuban baby names though?  Adoncia is derived from Spanish and it’s a lovely name both in sound and meaning. Adoncia means ‘sweet’, just like all little girls. 


I speak for every parent when I say that every baby is loved with an understandable love.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt to give them a name that reminds them of that every day. This Cuban female name is derived from Spanish. Aymee means ‘beloved.’


Three-syllable names are excellent as they pair perfectly with either short or long names.

Benita is such a name, and it’s simple and easy to pronounce. In Cuban, the name Benita means ‘the blessed one.’ Isn’t that what we all think of our babies?


We all like to think that we’re royalty, and this name stamps that into your little girls. Edelira is one of the gorgeous female Cuban baby names that means ‘noble, famous, of noble heritage.’ At least when you call her princess, it’ll be true. 


If you’re a fan of long names, you will definitely love this one. Derived from Spanish, this name means ‘Emerald.’

Naming babies after precious stones had been done for years, and it never grows old. 

Unusual Cuban Baby Names You Will Love


Ines is of Portuguese origin, a derivative of the name Agnes. Ines has two perceived meanings; it means ‘pure and holy’ and also ‘attentive, sociable.’


Lovers of nature always want to honor mother earth with a name derived from the environment.

If this is you, the name Lur will be an awesome choice. Lur is a Spanish name that means ‘earth’. 


Influenced from Hebrew, the name Yanet means ‘Yahweh is merciful.’ It’s a lovely name for the parents who are grateful for the birth of their little girl.

This name is special especially if they had to overcome some challenges to get the baby. 


Although it’s popular as a Cuban name, the name Elian is derived from Hebrew. As is the norm with Hebrew names, it’s a spiritual name that means ‘the Lord is my God.’

If you want Cuban boy names with a deep spiritual meaning, this is an excellent choice.

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When God looks down and smiles upon you, and grants you a lovely son what do you call him?

Well, if you aren’t decided yet, then give him the name Maceo. This is a Cuban name derived from Spanish that means ‘gift of God.”


If you desire a traditional name from Cuba, Mendo will warm your heart. Mendo means ‘giving sacrifice to God.’ 


Miguel must be one of the most popular Cuban baby names, but why do they keep giving it to babies? Well, if you have been wondering, it’s because of its wonderful meaning.

The name Miguel means ‘the one like God.’ Many Spanish-speaking cultures will have this name in many birth certificates. And who wouldn’t their little prince to be like God? 


Paz is a lovely name derived from Hebrew that means ‘peace.’ It’s a superb virtual name befitting a little princess. 


Riel is a diminutive of the name Gabriel. It’s derived from Hebrew and its meaning is ‘God is my strength.’ This is a classic case of a nickname taking the lead. 

Final Take 

Your decision to get a Cuban baby name for your baby is excellent. Cuba is a culture-rich and diverse country, and you’re assured to be spoilt for choice. Cuba was colonized by the Spanish, hence the influx of Spanish names. 

If your desire is for a purely Cuban name for a girl or boy, then look out for those that are traditionally Cuban. These Cuban baby names are gorgeous though regardless of their origin. 

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