Creative Contact Names for Dad That Are Cool

Nicknames are some of the simple and fun ways to add flavor to life. How have you saved your dad in your phone book? If you’re looking for cute contact names for dad, this list will give you some ideas. 

People rarely save their loved ones’ contacts in the official names in the phone book. The phone book must be one of the most creative places – if people allowed us to look. Dads get the most creative names, some of which we’d not want them to see.

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How to Choose Contact Names for Dad

The motivation for contacts names ranges as wide as your imagination. The names can be inspired by your dad’s character or personality. 

The name you choose could also be inspired by a name you secretly refer him by. Maybe there’s a name that’s only known to you and your siblings and he has no idea. 

A bodily feature can also be a good idea to coin a contact name from. Maybe it’s his balding head or a crooked smile.

Whichever way, it’s wonderful to ensure that it’s not a feature that amounts to body shaming – especially if he’s not exactly comfortable with it. 

Life experiences are also great fodder for cute contact names. Funny names for dad are best when you have a funny reference point in life – like that time he was stuck in the playground swing.

It may also be emotional, or an achievement he has made and is proud of. His career and life’s work also make for a good stimulus for a contact name. 

Nicknames for Dad 

‘Dad’ is just fine, but fine is boring. Are you looking for a fun and playful name for dear old dad? Check these amazing nicknames perfect for your contacts list as well. 


This is a common nickname that is also a slight deviation from another normal name for dads – papa.

Paps is short and cute, and it teeters between serious ad playful. Paps is perfect if you want a contact name for dad without venturing too far into the norm. 


Dads are the ultimate superheroes. They do the big super-heroic things– from making sure the family has a roof to training everyone how to ride a bike.

Many kids will look up to their fathers as the epitome of strength and wit, and it’s not without reason.

If this is how you view your old man, a superhero is an excellent choice for contact names for dad.


Everyone in the house looks up to the family terminator when threatened.

From hunting down monsters in the closet to exterminating creepy crawlies that threaten humanity, dads have earned this name.

Is your father the guy that will step on a rattlesnake with the heel of his boot for the family? Then he has earned his slot in your phone book as the terminator. 

Unfortunately, this may also mean that he’s ready and willing to terminate you when you behave contrary to his teachings and expectations. But you have survived this far. 

Go to Man

Contrary to what your teenage mind told you, dads do know everything – almost. As you grow older and become an adult, this truth dawns on you with fresh reality.

If your dad is the guy who seems to have an open heart, mind, and hands for you at all times, this is one of the best dad nicknames.

It shows how much trust you have in him and his advice. He’ll be very proud to know that that’s what you call him.  

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That Guy 

Well, sometimes he’s just ‘that guy.’ You know, the one who’s always ready to go sky diving with you without thinking twice.

He’s the guy you’ll call when stuck in impossible situations in the middle of the night. This is one of the funny contact names for dad that are an endearment. 


Who didn’t love Mufasa? He was selfless and a true leader. If you’re a fan of the Lion King and consider yourself a Simba, then it’s only fair that your father gets the name he deserves. 

Grizzly Bear

Maybe he’s super aggressive and no-nonsense. Or he’s overly protective and strong. He could be just huge and hairy but if he looks and behaves like a bear – well call him one.

Bears have a strong sense of smell and can pick scents from almost seven miles away. If this is him, who knows what you’re up to even before the thought is complete, this name suits him. Bears represent courage and power, just like your old man. 

Alpha Male 

He’s always in charge, and almost takes orders from no one. He’s a ladies’ man and loves to lead.

Then he’s an alpha male and this name would be a wonderful contact name. Just make sure he doesn’t know. 


Defense forces titles are very commonly used as contact names for dads who are strict and authoritative.

They are also excellent for the dad who likes things done in an orderly way and rules followed. Perfectionists and disciplined dads would deserve this name. 


If James Bond has nothing on dad, make it official. James Bond is a superhero for many people, especially adults. He may be fictional, but his prowess is the stuff we dream about.

It’s a perfect nickname for a dad who gets things done no matter what. It’s also pretty cool, to be honest. 


Dad is the boss, and what better way to stamp that than by calling him chief. Chief is a name that depicts honor and respect.

To call him chief is to say, “You’re the boss, you’ve earned it, and I love it!” 


After a few years, the hair will start receding, and that is when dad becomes baldy.

If you’re a man and decide to use this contact, just remember that genetics will come to haunt you. Before you know it, you’ll be saved as ‘baldy’ in your son’s phone book. 

Last Word 

What’s the point of having a contact name when John Doe fits just right? Well, for one, it makes your phone book very interesting. It’s also a nice way to have a secret code with the people who know dad.

This way, you can have a conversation with your siblings without the parents knowing you’re referring to them.

Just be ready to be the recipient of cute contact names for dad in the new future as well.  

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