90+ Celtic Girl Names That Really Sound Good With Their Meanings

You will find the Celts, who originally inhabited Anatolia and Europe, stoic people with a rich and charming culture. They have a wide selection of names, and many are beautiful Celtic girl names.

If you are looking for names that sound good and have a great meaning, you are in the right place. Below are some of my favorite Celtic baby girl names to inspire you to pick a name for your little princess.

Timeless Celtic Girl Names and What Makes Them Special

Celtic names are an ode to mythology and a vintage culture that modern society still beholds with awe. Their names have an exotic sound, capturing the lure of heroines and bewildering beauties. The following collection of Celtic girl names and meanings will intrigue you.

Unique Celtic Names for Girls

Names get around fast and an unusual name will soon become familiar. However, there are some Celtic names for girls that have remained rare and have a special meaning.


Abria is an unusual celtic girl name taken as the feminine version of Biblical Abraham. If Abraham means father of many, Abria means mother of many nations. For the Celts, it is symbolic of power and strength.


Aine is a beautiful moniker that means radiance. That is apt for a girl for Aine is the goddess of summer and riches. Then Aine is all about splendor and all the good things you would wish for your bundle of joy.

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Celtic mythology is still alive, and fairy stories remain spellbinding for the young and old. Cliodhna is a mythical banshee said to be in charge of the South Munster fairies.. She is the queen of these Irish fairies. The name also means shapely.


This name has variations such as Dimpna, Dympna and Dymphnart. It means poet, and she is honoured among the Irish as a martyr. St Dympna is the saint of the insane.


Nairna is a Scottish and Celtic name that celebrates the love for nature. It means river with Alder trees and has the equally rare variations of Nayrna and Naerna. It is relatively common in Lebanon and Brazil and is also the name of an ancient town in the vicinity of Inverness.

Vintage Celtic Names for Girls

Vintage names have an aristocratic ring to them. There is no better time to view what the famous Celts have in store for traditional names.


She is also known as Aishlinn, Aishling, or Aislynn. Aisling is a traditional name that personifies an Irish poetic genre that added thespian magic into the 17th and 18th centuries.

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There is Ciara, a superstar songwriter and singer who gave us Goodies. We may have yet to hear of many other Ciaras because Ciara, also respelt as Ciarrah and Ciarah, is a traditional and rare Celtic girl name. It means the dark-haired one and is the female version of Ciaran. Ciara is also the patron saint of the ailing and signifies empathy.


From our Geography, Clodagh is a river in Ireland. If you choose Clodagh or Cliodna for your girl you will be naming her after another of the Celtic fairy queens that embellish Celtic lore.


Dearrbhail or Dreabhla is one of the rarest names worldwide. It comes from the Irish name Dearbhghorghaill. That means daughter of Ireland, and the name also means genuine desire or wish.


Onara means the woman of honor and we wish our little girls to grow into that. Onara is a version of Nora and is thought to come from Honora or Honore.

Pretty And Unusual Celtic Names For Girls

The Celts also have a variety of common yet beautiful Celtic baby girl names. If you wish for such a charming name for your baby girl, here is the list:


Your Cara is a friend. The name also means darling, dear or beloved. This name for your loved one has equally beautiful variations, such as a Caira, Cahra, Carah, and Caragh.


The Celts love hard, and they had Deirdre to capture the sorrow of a broken heart. Deirdre is a charming yet rare name globally, and some use it as Deidra, Dierdre or Deirdra.

The sorrowful meaning of the name sums up the famous tragic story of the heroine who chose to lose her life instead of losing her love.

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If you are thinking of this as Vanessa, you are right. Nessa is a Scottish variation of Vanessa and Agnes.

It may sound delicate but it means not gentle. It also means powerful or holy. If Nessa feels relatively common, you can opt for its rare and pleasant variations- Ness or Nessi.


Riona is a charming and royal Gaelic name. It means queenly or majestic. Rionagh, Ryona and Rionnah offer themselves as synonyms of Riona, a sovereign girl.

Modern Celtic Girl Names

There are personal and social reasons for choosing a name for your child, you are expecting. It is a clever choice if you like giving a surprise. 


Dana is a warrior. It also means valiant and is a common name in the U.S for girls. In Celtic folklore, Dana means daring.

She is also called Danu, Daina, and Dayna in Gaelic. She is the goddess of generosity, power, and knowledge.


A rare celtic unisex name meaning son of arms which makes it a mighty name. The variations are Darbie, Darbey or Darbee.

Darby also symbolizes a freeman and is an English interpretation of a descendant of Diarmaid.


Flannery has charming variations such as Flannerie, Falnneri and Flannerey.

This unusual name for the baby you are expecting means descendant of Falnnghaile or of a warrior. It is a common surname but has an identity as a female Gaelic name.


Neely is another rare one, which means passion. You will come across it as Nealie, Neili or Nealie. The adorable name also means descendant of a champion among the Irish.


Celtic girl names are unique, memorable and full of character. Behind each of them is a story. Giving your child a name from the legendary Celts is an adventure into the world of unique, pretty, or traditional names, their sweet nicknames and diminutives and meanings. Your little girl will be proud to bear the honor of such a name.

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