9 Beautiful Potpourri Container Ideas

Mason Jar Potpourri Container Ideas

Potpourri is an eye-catching presentation of dried floral parts and spices. These components bring out scents that define a room’s ambiance. Potpourri gives pleasant aromas and dispels bad odors. It is often a focal point of a display in a room when arranged in gorgeous containers, such as dishes and bowls, to add style and … Read more

13 Best Hanging Plants For Bathroom That Do Well

Hanging Plants For Bathroom

Integrating hanging plants into bathroom décor is a trendy decorating idea. Plants infuse nature’s beauty into your home, bringing health benefits and a spa-quality ambiance. We explore the best hanging plants for bathroom that thrive and add calmness to your space. How To Pick Hanging Plants for Bathroom Decoration Bathrooms hold a lot of moisture … Read more

13 Beautiful Vase Filler Ideas

Creative Vase Filler Ideas

Vase fillers take up the unoccupied and sometimes awkward space in a vase, especially in a transparent or acrylic one. There are beautiful vase filler ideas that can turn a vase or floral arrangement into a gorgeous presentation. Vase fillers support flowers and weight your vase. They add texture and color to create a bespoke … Read more

Toilet Flushes But Poop Stays? Here’s Why

toilet flushes but poop stays

Picture this: You’re doing your business in the bathroom at your friend’s house. Everything’s going great, but when you push down on the lever to clear the waste, the toilet flushes but poop stays. Oh, crap! (pun intended) Now you have to sit there and wait for the tank to fill up so you can attempt … Read more

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