Can You Freeze Atta Halwa?

Atta Halwa, also known as Kada Prasad, is a rich, velvety-smooth pudding (halwa) made with ghee, sugar, and whole wheat flour (atta). This Indian dessert is super indulgent and very simple to make. You can make it in just 10 minutes! But one question many people often ask is, can you freeze atta halwa?

This guide will show you how to customize Atta Halwa to your taste and freeze it so you can enjoy this sumptuous dessert any time of the year!

Can You Freeze Atta Halwa?

Yes, you can freeze Atta halwa for up to three months. Once you have prepared your halwa, let it sit at room temperature for about an hour until it cools completely. You can then bag it up and freeze it for as long as three months. But once you take it out of the freezer, it’s not advisable to refreeze it.

How to Freeze Atta Halwa

Freezing halwa is very easy and a great way to preserve this delicacy. You can keep halwa in your fridge for about two to three days. But if you want to keep it for a few more days, you will need to freeze it.

Here’s how to freeze atta halwa correctly: 

1. Cool the Halwa

Remove your cooked halwa from the heat and let it cool. Place it in a bowl and cover it with a moist towel. You need at least one hour to allow the halwa to sit at room temperature before you do the next step, as it needs to be totally chilled before it can be frozen.

2. Bag It Up

Place halwa in a freezer-friendly bag. You could put all the halwa in one bag, or you could divide them into small bags and store them in your freezer. It just depends on how you plan to enjoy them later on. Before you seal the bag, ensure that all the air released from the halwa is released and not trapped in the bag. This will protect the halwa from getting burned when the bag is frozen.

3. Label the Bag

Write the date and the time for consuming the halwa on the front of the bag (or on the inside) and place the bag in the freezer. When you freeze halwa, it will keep for about three months.

Tips for Serving Frozen Atta Halwa

When halwa is frozen, here are the top three things we strongly suggest you do to keep its shape for the long term.

1. Defrost First

If you want to cook halwa so that it remains soft and has a nice texture, you will need to defrost it and bring it to room temperature. If halwa is heated up very suddenly, the temperature shock may cause it to become mushy, so defrost it in the fridge to make it easier to handle.

When you’ve refrozen the halwa, put it back in the freezer to thaw out properly. It’s probably not wise to thaw halwa if it’s just a bit frozen and then leave it in the fridge overnight (or for as long as you plan to reheat it). If you plan to reheat halwa at a later date, do not put halwa in the microwave; it may spoil when you try to reheat it.

2. Use Full-Fat Milk

When deciding which milk to use, some people often substitute whole milk with lower-fat milk. But you really should choose full-fat milk for making halwa as it will freeze much better than low-fat milk.

3. Always Serve It Warm

It is best to warm up the halwa before serving it with your favorite accompaniments. While it will still taste great cold, it is more delightful when warm. All the wonderful flavors and tastes of the food will come out.

How Long Can You Freeze Atta Halwa?

You will be able to store halwa in your freezer for about three months. If you use some butter and milk in the halwa, it can stay fresh for a long time. But if you use less butter and milk, the halwa will eventually dry out.

The more time you keep it in the freezer, the more it will likely deteriorate and taste and feel spongy and hard because of ice crystals that will form during the freeze-up process. To avoid disappointment, use your frozen halwa, preferably not later than three months.

Can You Refreeze Atta Halwa?

We would not advise freezing halwa more than once. This happens because ice crystals are formed during the freezing process. They can affect the consistency of your halwa, making it less sticky and delicious. If you’re planning to make a big batch of halwa, divide the halwa into smaller portions and freeze it. That way, you can easily get the halwa that you need at any time.

Wrapping Up

Overall, atta halwa freezes really well. Once you’re finished cooking a tasty batch of halwa, allow it to cool before putting it in a freezer bag. It should stay good for around three months. Assuming you don’t get any of the nasty burns that will cause the halva to deteriorate, it will last you a good three months.

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