Modern Boy Names That Start With B

If you are expecting and looking for boy names that start with B, you are at the right place. This article has various boy names that start with B and also the meaning of each name.

Choosing a name for your boy is an interesting process and you can choose a name that has significance to you or from your ancestry. As a parent I picked my babies names because they were easy on the tongue, unique at that time and had a good meaning. Without further ado, here’s my favorite list of unique boy names that start with b.

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Powerful Baby Boy Names That Start With B

Below are masculine baby boy names that start with B:


The surname in English means ‘son of Brice.’ The name Brice is of Gaulish origin and means speckled. Bryson sounds sleek and modern.


A surname in English which means bee cottage. It is associated with literature because of playwright Samuel Beckett. Beckett has an elegant and creative flare.

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French name which means handsome. It has an elegant and charming quality. Beau is a good name on its own and is frequently used as a nickname.


A surname from Ireland that means a muddy place. It sounds gritty and manly. Pop culture figures contributed to Brody’s rise to fame.


English surname that soccer player David Beckham made popular. The meaning of it is ‘homestead by the stream.’ Beckham has a chic and athletic vibe.


An Irish name which means brave. It became well-known in the latter half of the 20th century as a contemporary take on conventional names.

Brayden has a charmingly Celtic charm that is modern. 


The Old English surname which means dark. These days, it’s a common unisex first name.

Blake is linked to poet William Blake and has a powerful, elegant tone.


An old Hebrew name that means son of the right hand. For ages, it has maintained its constant popularity.

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An English name that comes from a surname that means ‘hill covered with broom.’ It gained immense popularity during the 1980s and 1990s. Brandon has an approachable vibe.


Irish in origin, Brian means noble. It was popularized by Ireland’s High King Brian Boru


Brooks is an English name which means ‘of the brooks’. It conveys a sense of nature and tranquillity.


A surname in English that means meadow with coarse grass. In recent years, it has become more and more common as a first name.

Bentley is associated with luxury because of the automotive brand.


Benedict in its medieval sense signifies blessed.

It exudes a classy and stylish vibe. Bennett is becoming more well-liked as parents look for Benjamin substitutes.


The English name is a place name that means place of the cow sheds. Lord Byron, the Romantic poet, is linked to it. Byron exudes a mystique and poetry.


The Latin name Blaise means stammering. It is connected to Saint Blaise, a bishop and healer from the fourth century.

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Unique Boy Names That Start With B


The musician David Bowie popularized the Scottish surname.

It has an edge that is rock ‘n’ roll. For parents who want something different, Bowie is a cool musical alternative.


Briggs is a surname in English that means bridge. It sounds powerful and manly.

Briggs provides a modern take on the first-name-surname combo.


With Irish roots, the word bracken means freckled.

It’s a unique name inspired by a place and a relatively modern option.


An occupational surname in English that means baker. It’s got that trendy, last-name-first vibe to it.

Though less popular than Baker, Baxter is associated with artisanship.


A name in English for a thorny plant. It has a rough, yet beautiful, feel to it.

Briar provides a versatile alternative that appeals to all genders and is inspired by nature.


Bjorn is a name from Scandinavia that means bear. It is associated with bravery and strength.

Tennis player Bjorn Borg is one of the well-known person with that name.


The Greek name Boreas means ‘north wind.’

The god of the north wind was known as Boreas in Greek mythology.


Sanskrit name which means awakening. In Buddhism, it has a spiritual significance.

Bodhi provides a connection to mindfulness and a zen-like quality.


A surname derived from French which means fine friend. It sounds elegant and romantic.


Short form for names like Sebastian or Basil.

It sounds sophisticated and modern. Baz provides a cool, stand-alone alternative akin to a nickname.


An Irish name which means the ‘Descendant of Braonán.’ The sound of it is very Celtic.


The English surname Bronson means ‘son of Brown.’

It has a robust, powerful feel to it. Actor Charles Bronson, a tough character, is associated with the name Bronson.


An English name that comes from a Middle English word that means good.

The explorer Daniel Boone is associated with the frontier. Boone evokes a tough and daring spirit.


Originating in Babylon, Balthazar means ‘Baal protects the king.’

It’s a customary name for one of the three wise men in the Christian nativity story.


Bay comes from the English word ‘bay laurel,’ which describes the body of water. It’s a simple name with a natural feel to it.

Cute Boy Names That Start With Letter B


English in origin, the word ‘blaze’ means flame. It’s a modern and vibrant name.


Short form of Abraham in Dutch, signifying ‘father of many.’

It is connected to literature because “Dracula” author Bram Stoker wrote it.


Spanish and Italian in origin, Benito means blessed. It’s a Benedict variation.


A surname derived from the English meaning ‘birch tree meadow.’

It is connected to Berkeley’s esteemed University of California. Berkeley provides a smart and intellectual name option.


A name with Dutch origins that means ‘bear-like.’ It evokes a powerful and organic vibe.

A distinctive substitute for more popular animal names like Bear or Wolf is Bruin.


Basil Greek name which signifies royalty. It’s refined with a hint of botany.


A surname from England that means ‘son of the raven.’

A portion of its fame can be attributed to businessman Richard Branson. Branson provides a hip and audacious-sounding choice.


A place name in English that originally meant ‘Beorhtsige’s stone.; The urban and modern vibe is a result of the London neighbourhood. 


An English word name related to blades and cutting tools. It radiates a powerful and edgy vibe.


A name from Ireland which means a noble warrior. It radiates a powerful and refined aura.

How can I choose the best name that starts with ‘b’ for my baby boy?

The ideal “B” name for your boy should take into account the cultural importance, meaning, and impacts over time.

The ideal name is ultimately the one with which you have a deep emotional bond and which seems appropriate for your child and family.

How have trends in boy names starting with B changed over the past few decades?

Boy names starting with B have changed over time, moving from biblically mandated choices to more diverse ones.

While names with Scottish and Irish roots were more common in the late 20th century, more recent trends have leaned toward names with vintage, surname-style, and nature-inspired themes.

A trend toward distinctive and significant names is seen in the wider range of options provided by popular culture and social media.

In Summary

A child’s name is a very personal choice that can represent your goals, values, and family history.

When thinking about B names for your child, remember that a child’s identity is comprised of more than just their name.

Your child’s destiny will be shaped considerably more by your love, care, and experiences than by their name alone.

The name that feels appropriate for you and your family is ultimately the greatest choice. This article has various boy names that start with a b that you can choose from.

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