Best Toaster For Pop Tarts

Choosing a suitable kitchen gadget can be challenging, especially for first-timers or new homeowners who need a little help knowing where to start. Selecting the perfect blender, slow cooker, or best Toaster for pop tarts is a process, not just a random shopping errand! Suppose you want to transform your ordinary breakfast into a feast with tasty pop tarts and avoid burning your fingertips or wasting too much valuable time in the kitchen every morning. In that case, you need to take toaster shopping very seriously. We tested several toasters with the lowest heat settings and wide slots, which are suitable for Pop Tarts, and recommended the following top five toasters for Pop Tarts.

Who Needs the Best Toaster for Pop Tarts?

Fixing a quick healthy breakfast that’ll keep of comfortable for the better part of the day before leaving your house for work or school is convenient and cheaper. Compared to buying a cup of coffee every morning to jumpstart yourself for a busy day ahead, you can quickly toast delicious Pop Tarts or bagels in your kitchen and fix a cup of coffee much more affordably. So, regardless of whether you need to purchase a new toaster for yourself or the entire family, finding the best Toaster for Pop Tarts is a good idea. For example, the Cuisinart CPT-122 2-Slice Compact Plastic Toaster offers you the best balance of carbs and is relatively inexpensive.

Top Five Toaster For Pop Tarts

Below are our top recommendations for toasters for pop tarts:

1. Best Overall: Oster 2-Slice Toaster

It is an excellent toaster for preparing your Pop Tarts. It allows you to cook just two wide slices of food at a time, and this is pretty useful for people who don’t want to toast a lot of Pop Tarts all at once. This economical Toaster with brushed stainless steel is very good at warming Pop Tarts.

It warms evenly whether you insert just one or two Pop Tarts or even slices of bread. If you have a lot of frozen muffins, take care that they don’t burn your fingers when toasting. Oster Toaster Bean is the only Toaster we tested that came with a removable bread holder that can be washed in the dishwasher.

In terms of durability, the Oster Toaster is one of the few models that we tested, at its price range, that is considered to be the most durable; nearly all of the competitors showed that they were not as sturdy as this Oster Toaster. Oster recommends people stick with stainless steel, even if it means that you can spend more money to get better quality material. Oster’s toasting technology isn’t very fancy, but it was easy to clean, and the charcoal exterior was easy to wipe clean. It even kept its white paint bright and clean.

When it comes to toasting, the Oster Toaster Bean is pretty good, delivering consistently good toast, crisp waffles, and golden-brown, chewy bagels. Its toasting is especially impressive at higher settings; if you like your bread a bit crunchy, take note. Some small things: the top of the Toaster can heat up a lot when you flip it over. It makes some very noticeable noises when you move the lever around. Although the sound might be annoying, the Toaster is worth the money.


  • Measures 11.7 x 6.9 x 7.3 inches
  • 750 watts
  • Has seven shade settings
  • Metallic grey and purple in color
  • Available control options include frozen, pastry, and bagel
  • Two-slice slots
  • Weighs 3.56 pounds
  • The great color range for a single Tart
  • Consistent warming
  • Can accommodate large Pop Tarts
  • Slow heating is ideal for Pop Tarts
  • Availability of the frozen and bagel options
  • Easy to remove tarts that pop up after toasting
  • Removable crumb tray for easier cleaning
  • The top gets a bit too hot, especially between the slots

2. Best Runner-Up: Chefman 2 Slice Toaster

After spending hours testing and analyzing different toaster models on the market from different brands, of course, we found this one to be the best for Pop Tarts. This is due to its wide slots and the fact that it offers several different settings to choose from. In fact, the low heat settings of between 1 and 5 proved to be ideal for toasting our Pop Tarts because they don’t cause a lot of browning. This Toaster is very sleek looking and made of very durable stainless steel material. This Toaster does everything that it is supposed to do, and the quality of the toast is excellent. You can set 7 different settings for turning the toaster light and dark to allow you to bake cakes, bread, etc.

You can choose between a number of various predefined functions, such as toasting or defrosting a bagel. If you eat food that becomes cold before you have a chance to enjoy it, the reheat feature lets you warm toasted items that you have already consumed.

When food is finished toasting, it will pop up in the Toaster, and the Toaster will shut off. If you need to pause or check the toast at any time, press the Cancel button. Get an extra lift with the high lift lever to lift small items, and it will keep them safe. It is cETL-approved and features advanced safety technology for long life and a one-year guarantee from Chefman, so you can buy it without worry.


  • Seven shade settings
  • Measures 10.5 x 6.1 x 7.5 inches
  • Weighs 3 pounds
  • 850 watts
  • Extra wide slots
  • Removable crumb tray
  • Stainless steel finish
  • Defrost, reheat and cancel options are available
  • Has two extra wide slots
  • Easy to use, even for kids
  • Very affordable
  • Construction is sturdy and durable
  • The availability of multiple shade settings
  • The humming sound it produces can irritate some users

3. Best Countertop Oven + Toaster: Hamilton Beach 2-in-1 Countertop Oven and Long Slot Toaster

Choose this combo if your family requires a countertop oven and a toaster. This oven and Toaster are durable and will last you for many years. What really makes this particular device different from its competitors is that it can be used as a traditional toaster and also as a small oven that can be used to bake or broil food. With just a simple flip of a switch, you can convert the Toaster into an oven. It’s easy for anyone in your household to use the Toaster as it cooks evenly and quickly.

Furthermore, it looks elegant in a sleek black-and-white combination, adding some aesthetics to your kitchen counter. It has a stylish design and features a top-loading glass door and a long and slightly wide slot on the top. This Toaster heats Pop Tarts well, which is why it’s our third-best Toaster for Pop Tarts.

The LCD control knobs are conveniently located in the upper part of the oven, right behind the door. There are three buttons on the panel to allow you to adjust the temperature of the Toaster and oven to the appropriate level. I have used this toast and oven for a month, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to add a toaster oven to their kitchen. I use it a lot with Pop Tarts, and it works well with other small appliances.


  • Measures 12.05″D x 17.8″W x 10.24″H
  • 1450 watts
  • One baking tray
  • Weighs 10.9 lbs.
  • One oven rack
  • Seven shade settings
  • Stainless steel finish
  • Automatic Shutoff
  • 10.9 Pounds
  • Capacity to accommodate full bags of nuggets
  • The extra-wide top bread slot and baking tray that can fit two loaves of bread
  • Consumes small counter space
  • Offers several cooking options
  • A combo of the oven and two slices of Toaster
  • A user can’t use the oven and toast options at the same time

4. Best Budget: Elite Gourmet ECT-3100 Maxi-Matic 4-Slice Long Toaster

This Toaster heats up to 4 Pop Tarts or slices of bread in about 10 minutes for a very reasonable price. This Toaster is both stylish and very modern. If your family loves to make lots of delicious breakfast items that can be made on the fly, this could be the right Toaster for you. Its traditional design is very stylish and modern, and the electric heating element makes it simple to warm up many different types of food.

This Toaster is a little more basic than some other cheaper toasters, but it does everything you need and more, all at a very affordable price. It also has a built-in rack for heating croissants and other pastries. Its timeless design fits easily into most kitchens. If your Pop Tarts must be perfectly cooked, you need to have a toaster that works just as well as more expensive models. It also has a variety of toasting options so that you can get delicious toast every time.

Light toasting is perfect for toasting pop tarts, and it works great with other bread slices as well. The extra-large slots in the top section of this Toaster are perfect for toasting large tarts or other artisan loaves of bread. When you add the 3100 self-center guides, you’ll get perfect toast on each and every slice.

There’s a quick reheat function to quickly get warm bagels for you to enjoy later without having to cook them again. If a donut or other pastry needs to be heated, the ECT-3100 is an excellent companion. Cleanup will be a breeze with the easily removable, slide-out crumb tray.


  • Measures 14.68 x 7.13 x 7.68 inches
  • Weighs 5.2 pounds
  • Bottom crumb tray
  • Extra wide slots for toasting
  • Reheating and defrosting functions are available
  • Six adjustable levels
  • The cabling is so neat
  • Sleek, modern design
  • Comfortable four slices capacity
  • Retractable warming racks
  • Wider slots
  • The higher heat settings might be too much for your Pop Tarts if you are not careful.

5. Best Toasting Efficiency: Dualit 2-Slice Toaster

This toast is part of a new range of kitchen appliances that promise sleeker, modern designs and innovative technology at an attractive price. Even though the Dualit Toaster looks amazing, the functions it provides are very basic. We only need to toast a couple of Pop Tarts with this model. Dualit Toasters are safe because, unlike the sturdier Oster toasters, they stay cool to the touch while toasting. This is because the outer casing doesn’t heat up, as is the case with some of the other options on our list.

In addition, it’s incredibly stylish, perfect for a minimalist kitchen, and affordable for someone who lives alone. Clichés apart, it’s pretty sturdy and implausible to tip over. It is very well made and works great; there’s no way to toast bagels, and they won’t be perfectly toasted on both sides. This Toaster is fantastic! We heated several batches of Pop Tarts in quick succession and got consistently good results every time.


  • Has to reheat and defrost options
  • Wide slots for bagels
  • Measures 11.7 x 10.2 x 10.2 inches
  • 1200 Watts
  • Nine levels of browning
  • 8.2 Pounds
  • Made of metal
  • Chrome finish
  • It’s a great performer in terms of consistency
  • Comprehensive instructions
  • The outer casing doesn’t heat up
  • Perfect results for toasting thick Pop Tarts
  • Quite expensive

Buyer’s Guide for Best Toaster for Pop Tarts

There are several factors to consider when shopping for toasters designed for toasting Pop Tarts such as:

Types of machines

You must differentiate between an oven and a toaster! That means that if you only need to heat your bread slices or Pop Tarts every morning for breakfast before leaving for work, a two-slice toaster that’s usually very simple to use is enough. There is a countertop option that allows you to use a lot of space, but it can also be used to defrost foods. Toaster ovens are great for cooking Pop Tarts and toast, but they also can cook pizza, roast a whole chicken or roast whole vegetables, or even defrost food. Some food processors use convection, which is nice since it freezes food, and some use air fryers.

Crowd Pleaser

The time you take when toasting your Pop Tarts is very important as these Pop Tarts require very low heat settings. That also means that even the fastest Toaster may take longer than toasters to heat your Pop Tarts, depending on the volume. Therefore, you should consider using toasters with more slots if you’re toasting for a crowd. Households with four-slice toasters often get the job done faster and much better, especially when fixing breakfast for a large family. 


A nice toaster will last you a long time. If you want to know if a toaster you’re thinking of buying is going to last for a while, do a little research to see if the brand has a good reputation. Some toasters and ovens have a more extended warranty to give you added security. When a toaster goes for a higher price tag, you can be sure that it’s better made and will last a little bit more, but that’ll only sometimes be the case. Focus on choosing an affordable toaster with the best features that your budget can accommodate; that is the secret to getting good value for your money.


Some basic toasters have settings that allow you to select between three different light levels: light, medium, and dark. Pop Tart toasters are able to be set to the basic light and/or everyday setting, but more specialized toasters will offer more options. It’s not uncommon for popup toasters to have a bagel option that causes one side of toast to be slightly browner than the other. If some of your toast is often frozen or you are often making ice-covered waffles in the Toaster, a defrost feature will be very important.


You will see more than two dozen brands in the market that specialize in producing high-quality toasters for Pop Tarts. Find a trusted and popular brand that offers good customer service. Deal with reputable brands that have years of experience in the industry. This way, you will be happy buying a new kitchen appliance. Some of the brand names that we found to be trustworthy include Elite Gourmet, Chefman, Cuisinart, Oster, and Dualit, among others.


Popup toasters can cost anywhere from $30 to $120, depending on your brand and the model you buy. Those with countertop ovens cost more, usually around $100-$300. You’ll find that the price range for pop-up toaster ovens is surprisingly broad. You can get something cheap, but it may only last for a while.

There can be several reasons why different models of toasters can cost a different amount of money. For instance, sometimes you’ll find basic models that will happily toast your bread or even make a nice Pop Tart, but they are made from cheap materials and will only last for a while. On one end of the spectrum, some more expensive models come with many useful features and options that some people will like, but only some people will need them.


Toaster slots need to be wide, as many of the Pop Tarts are thicker than bread slices. That doesn’t mean that you should buy a toaster that is so wide that it can fit bagels! The slots only need to be wide enough to fit your Pop Tarts.

2-slot toaster


As you read through the reviews of our top five toasters, you’ll be able to see more information about each model in the features & specs section of our ratings and how many Pop-Tarts each model can hold. You’re able to see more information about each model in the features & specs section of our ratings and how many Pop-Tarts each model can hold. If you’re looking for the best results when it comes to New York-style bagels, you’ll need to settle for variable or extra wide slots in the toasters you’re reviewing before investing.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

Most toasting devices are reasonably easy to use if you know the settings that you want to use for your Pop Tart (which may require some trial and error). Since you will be using it to prepare Pop Tarts, the toasters need to be perfectly clean to have your Pop Tarts look delicious to the eye. Having trays to store the bread helps you keep them clean a little easier, and a toaster oven with a non-stick interior is much easier to clean and maintain.


Why is the material of the Toaster very important?

Most toasters combine metal (or stainless steel) and plastic— but the construction’s quality and aesthetic differences between models can be huge. Before we started toasting, our testers held each Toaster in their hands and tested how firmly it sat on the countertop. We didn’t want anything that wobbled or creaked when we tried it. We tested to see how robust the lift lever was, how well the popup function worked, and if functions like the cancel button worked properly.

Why should I choose a toaster that accommodates large items?

It’s very critical that you choose a toaster that toasts very consistently and evenly to get the best results. We searched for toasters with slots that could hold slices of all sizes. We ensured that, once a toast was inserted into each slot, it sat perfectly flat on the top, ensuring that it was evenly toasted. We checked that the toasters burned both sides of the bread evenly and that there were no significant differences between the toasters when we used both light toast and dark toast settings. If a toaster oven had a dedicated setting for bagel toasting, we used it; otherwise, we disqualified models that did not meet those specifications. Although we recorded how long each machine took to do the job, the final result was that machine performance and consistency were more significant than an extra 20 to 40 seconds.

What is the significance of the defrost feature in a toaster?

Having a toaster that is capable of defrosting some of your frozen items in the kitchen without over-toasting them is an added advantage in terms of saving time. Many toasters are equipped with a setting that allows you to defrost food before putting it on the plate. Still, unfortunately, the result is often a warm outside, icy inside, defrosting waffle that isn’t cooked, or a very soggy inside. Therefore, it is imperative that you buy a modern tried-and-tested toaster that can defrost frozen items effectively.

The Takeaway

It’s interesting to see many people opting for the pricey toasters with high-tech features when shopping for the best Toaster for pop tarts. In reality, you can still find well-built toasters that deliver exceptional results and are very efficient, even without the intimidating high-end features at pocket-friendly prices. For example, the Chefman 2 Slice Toaster outperformed the similar toasters we tested in the same price category. Overall, it would be best if you chose a machine that offers you a retro luxury feel and fits your general household needs without breaking the bank.

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