13 Beautiful Vase Filler Ideas

Vase fillers take up the unoccupied and sometimes awkward space in a vase, especially in a transparent or acrylic one.

There are beautiful vase filler ideas that can turn a vase or floral arrangement into a gorgeous presentation. Vase fillers support flowers and weight your vase.

They add texture and color to create a bespoke and breathtaking centerpiece. What can you put in vases instead of flowers? Well, here are some pretty vase filler ideas that will make your floral displays pop.

Top 13 Creative Vase Filler Ideas

Vase filler ideas are easy and fun hacks. They ooze creativity and taste and add a touch of class to décor.

You can buy filler items or create personalized ones to add character to your vases. 

The following are workable ideas for vase fillers:

Pebbles and marbles

Pebbles and marbles displayed in a vase

Glass pebbles and marbles enhance the beauty and delicate look of a glass or opaque vase.

The combination makes the vase look sophisticated and stylish. You can choose a single color theme or combine several hues of the pebbles and marbles for the perfectly modish filler.

Sea Sand and Shells

sea sand and shells as vase fillers

Image credit: completely-coastal.com

Bring the natural nautical vibe into your space with seashells and sand vase fillers. Although this is a relatively common vase filler idea, it remains timelessly elegant.

Beautiful vases look delicate and make the perfect display for treasures from a beach vacation.

The choice and placement of the sand and shells will create a design that will ooze elegance in a tantalizingly unique way.


Image Credit:pleasegivepeasachance.blogspot.com

Raid the pantry or the grocery stores for a variety of dry nuts and grains for your vase filler.

Coffee beans and potpourri are options for an earthy, aromatic, and warm vase filler. 

Yarn and Twine

Photo Credits:onemilehomestyle.com

Spools and balls of yarn, twine, jute, threads, and scraps from your craft room complete a chic bohemian décor style.

Adding them as balls and spools in varying colors, textures, and thicknesses becomes the foundation that gives your vase centerpiece a quirky, playful, and stylish look.

Billiard Balls

Image Credits:kellyelko.com

Vintage dice or croquet balls and billiard balls in a vase create an antiquated focal point for industrial style décor.

Such fillers favor a game or family room and portend the favorite fun times and activities. 

Fabrics As Vase Fillers

Textured fabrics are modern and elegant vase filler options. If you wish to use this nouveau and suave filler idea, apply the fabrics on the external surface of the vase.

There are limitless options in color, texture, and size of the fabric. You can use them as a complete fabric cover, as ribbons, or as bows.

The fabric can match or contrast the décor theme.


Photo Credits:livelaughrowe.com

Authentic wood corks saved from emptied wine bottles can be stored in vases as fillers and reminders of good times.

Some recycled corks have imprints that give them a collector’s relic look. They are durable and eye-catching illustrations of the labor of creativity. 


Image Credit:mypaisleyworld.blogspot.com

Tailoring suppliers display quaint buttons and pearls that you can use to create filler akin to a sewing room treasure trove.

You can gather unique buttons by foraging in thrift stores, crafting groups, or from your tailoring collection. Buttons are a colorful styling idea to wow with unique vase filler.  


Of the vintage filler vase ideas, old keys make a rustic choice for decoration. Choose from bunches of old keys whose locks no longer exist or keys nobody remembers where they created passageways. 

Choose from prized skeleton collectibles, old keys, brass and bronze keys, and costly statement gold keys. Such keys also make good conversation starters.

You can also acquire such hardware fit for a pirates’ treasure mystery from online sellers or as gifts from friends and family.


Dried leaves as vase fillers

Photo Credits:firstcomeflowers

When you wish to bring exquisite glimpses of nature’s beauty indoors, use dried leaves as vase fillers.

Leaf collections hold their own as mementos of memorable outings and capture the unique beauty of different botanical and floral designs.

Leaves from distant lands or the local landscape, leaves seasoned by different seasons, or bunches of artificial leaves suffice for intriguing vase fillers.


Vases with moss as fillers

Photo Credits:pepperdesignblog.com

Natural moss, harvested and dried, is a beautiful and natural accent for floral arrangements.

It also gives floral arrangements a finished look by concealing the Styrofoam foundations used to base floral presentations.

You can buy or prepare natural moss. Artificial moss crafted as moss rocks or balls and faux varieties of natural moss are available in home décor stores.


feather vase fillers

Photo Credits:genymama.com

Birds are the epitome of beauty. They adorn nature with their trilling tunes and beautiful feathers.

If you are a bird lover, using birds’ feathers as vase fillers is a breathtaking idea for keeping your passion alive.

Birds’ feathers offer the greatest color spectrum, size, and texture displays. You can also buy natural or artificial feathers to fill or line your vases.


Traditionally, flowers belong in a vase as a decorating idea. Still, a unique arrangement and combination of flowers can impressively fill a vase.

Take this route with a mix of natural sprigs and artificial plants for the filled-up look of a gorgeous vase.


Vases are a décor upgrade for homes and decorative centerpieces for occasions. You can craft vase fillers around many natural and artificial items and themes.

Some vase fillers also give aromas and show clout. Some vases become storage and others a display for beautiful, unique, and valuable items. In the end, vases hold more than just vase filler ideas.

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