How To Decorate Bathroom Shelves: 16 Bathroom Shelf Décor Ideas

Decorating bathroom shelves for utility and style can be a challenge. Bathroom shelf décor ideas showcase the owner’s class and taste.

They seek a balance between the needs of bathroom users and the desire for a relaxing retreat with a beautiful ambiance. The following are insights on some ways of adding some jazz to a bathroom with shelving styling.

Style, Fun, and Function: Creative Bathroom Shelf Décor Ideas

Bathrooms styling, just like for other home rooms, requires attention to detail. Installing and decorating shelves in the bathroom will make the bathroom attractive and orderly. It is bathroom shelf styling. 

Consider the following tips on dressing your shelves to turn your bathroom into an oasis of peace and beauty.

Baskets and Hampers

Baskets and Hampers for bathroom shelves


Clear the clutter in the bathroom with wicker or wire baskets and hampers. Place items in the baskets according to utility and size. Artistically woven baskets are decorative and convenient for storage.

These are one of my favorite bathroom shelf décor ideas as the baskets can be used to store lots of stuff. You could even add some potpourri on one of the baskets for a fresh smell in your bathroom.

Modern farmhouse style

Modern farmhouse style bathroom shelf decor


The choice of the location of the shelves in a bathroom determines their functionality and aesthetic appeal. Typical placements include above the toilet and the vanity.

For a small bathroom, opt to hide the shelves behind a door. You can also make alcoves in the wall or use DIY improvising, such as ladders and stools, to create shelving.

Indoor Plants

Indoor Plants for decorating bathroom shelves


Indoor plants cleanse the air and remove toxins. Greenery also creates a spa-like ambiance. Add plants suitable for bathrooms, such as miniature terrariums or glorious ferns, to turn the bathroom into a stunning Mediterranean retreat. You can also install unique shelves for the plants. Elegant faux plants are suitable for bathroom shelves.

Vintage Souvenirs

Vintage Souvenirs to decorate bathroom shelves


Antique pieces used for decoration give an aura of designer furnishing. Vintage souvenirs such as galvanized dishware and artwork give bathroom shelves a sophisticated appeal. It is better if the artwork has functionality, such as antique brass canisters for some toiletries.

Drawer Toiletries

Toiletries in a drawer


Elevate your bathroom allure with ornamental toiletries such as decorative soaps and beautifully shaped aromatherapy diffusers. Use an elegant holder for a scented candle. These give the bathroom a classy luxury spa appeal. The shelves can also serve as shower caddies.

Towels and washcloths


Roll towels and washcloths to make their storage look pretty on vertical bathroom shelves. Piles of fluffy towels, neatly organized in a color-coordinated scheme and conveniently stacked within reach on a shelf, complete a cozy, homely décor theme. You can also install racks on the shelves to hold the towels. Also, add other decorative items, such as mini flowerpots and art, to complete the cozy vibe.


Flowers to decorate your bathroom shelves


Fresh-cut flowers and artificial blooms on bathroom shelves spruce up the room and make it inviting and attractive. Floral décor adds color, giving a stunning natural look. Depending on the size of the room, use flowers as a bouquet or a single stem in a beautiful vase.

Hang Artwork

When decorating bathroom shelves, it is clever not to limit the efforts to the shelves’ surfaces. Use the wall space behind the shelf to hang artwork such as photos or small paintings or to mount sculptures and ceramics.

Lighting Effects


Modern lighting effects set on bathroom shelves turn a bathroom into a sanctuary. They can change the room’s mood and create nooks for the objects displayed on the shelf.

Ambient lighting creates relaxing tones that make the washroom a place to unwind and relax. Some tones give the bathroom a luxurious and sophisticated touch. LED accent lighting has illumination settings to adjust the light intensity and hues.

Photos and Paintings


Although bathrooms are some of the smallest rooms in a home, they can serve as a display for photos and paintings. These can range from family photos to pictures featuring various artistic themes. The choice of frame makes the picture a nostalgic décor accessory. 

Group the Items

Bathroom decoration for many items

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Grouping the items on a bathroom shelf creates a miniature, intriguing collection. The arrangement makes the items look more engaging. It makes the room look airy and spacious and eliminates the cluttered look. Batches of three items work best for this décor idea to create a harmonious arrangement for visual impact. 


Wallpaper as bathroom shelf decoration


Bring out the aesthetics of bathroom shelves by adding wallpaper in a contrasting texture or color to their backs. Special wallpapers for bathrooms make the room pop with their texture or pattern. It is an easy and affordable bathroom shelf décor idea trick to create a focal point and add character to bathroom shelves.

Transition Décor

As the seasons change, the whole house changes from bright summer shades to cozy hues of fall or spring. Consider a transition décor theme for the bathroom shelves makeover to suit seasonal needs and styling preferences. You can adopt cues from interior design in the rest of the house or embrace seasonal textures and tones for the bathroom shelves’ styling.

Paint the Shelves  

Painting Shelves


Paint the bathroom shelves to create a décor theme. Use the bathroom wall as a backdrop to create a color scheme of complementary or contrasting colors. Choose neutral oil-based colors for a calming ambiance, while warm tones add a cozy glossy touch. 

Paint can also accentuate subtle seasonal themes or personal style. Choose metallic colors, accents, and fancy molding, or paint the trim with wood to infuse a modish, lavish look. 

Shelves Mounting 

Beautiful shelves mounting


There are bespoke shelf mounting ideas that can turn shelving into chic décor. Consider vertical floating shelves for wall mounting in small bathrooms. Elaborate geometric shapes create a fascinating display for a spacious room. Installing metal brackets or hanging wood shelves with ropes to secure them is a functional and fancy idea.

Choice of Shelf Materials

Unique shelf decor materials


Where metallic shelves create a rustic, industrial, or sleek theme, natural wood shelves enhance the minimalist décor trend. The choice of shelf materials complements different decorating styles. Recycled driftwood and metal parts give a retro design. You can blend them artistically to create a custom-made look for the bathroom.

Shelf Décor for a Designer Bathroom

Bathroom shelf décor ideas can transform a bathroom from an austere functional space into a beautiful statement of glamour and style. Unique and versatile ideas can jazz up a bathroom into a relaxing and attractive spa. Use bathroom shelving to create masterpieces for a quick and impactful décor upgrade.

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