Strong Badass Girl Names That Are Fierce

Some parents prefer something feminine and soft when naming their daughters. However, a wide range of options are available for those seeking something a little fiercer with names that exude boldness, strength, and a badass vibe. If this is your kind of vibe, check out our list of strong badass girl names.

Fearless women from all eras and civilizations have inspired fierce female names, from warrior queens of the past to feminist icons of today. These names aren’t your typical girly ones. There’s something tough and formidable about badass girl names.

They exude confidence and a certain edge. A young woman’s life journey is shaped by her name and a kickass name gives her a strong feeling of herself from the very beginning.

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Badass Female Names That Are Brave

Below are various badass female names:


Artemis was a strong and self-reliant Greek goddess of the hunt, wild animals, and chastity.

This name conveys assurance, independence, and a bond with the wild energy of the natural world.


Nefertiti was a queen of ancient Egypt who held great power and influence.

This name means to the beautiful one has come. It’s a unique, regal name that inspires reverence and respect.

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Oya was the fierce female spirit of lightning, winds, and severe storms in Yoruba mythology.

This name embodies the raw strength and wild energy of nature’s most powerful forces.


Korra, the tough and resolute female avatar from the Legend of Korra series, was a determined and formidable proctor.

This name is indicative of a courageous, strong, and capable soul.


The mythical British Celtic queen Boudicca spearheaded a valiant rebellion against the Roman Empire.

Giving your daughter this famous warrior’s name honours her for her bravery, tenacity, and strength.


Xena was made famous by the Greek mythological warrior princess and this name inspires terror and reverence.

Ideal for a young child who would grow up to be a powerful force.


According to Norse mythology, Freya was a courageous warrior goddess who represented love, beauty, and fertility.

This name has a powerful, warrior-like aspect mixed with feminine charm.


Athena, the Greek goddess of war, courage, and wisdom, was a powerful and intelligent character.

This name conveys boldness, intelligence, and a tactical attitude.


Zaglia is a rare Italian name meaning a courageous woman.

This unique name radiates boldness and an adventurous, badass spirit that isn’t scared to take chances.

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According to Norse mythology, Valkyries were courageous female warriors who accompanied Valhalla for fallen heroes.

This name evokes ideas of bravery, strength, and a fiery spirit. It’s a strong decision for a badass female.

Badass Names For Girls

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In the film ‘Brave,’ Merida, the bold and accomplished archer, blazed her path. This name is a symbol of self-reliance, rebellion against social conventions, and a strong feeling of self.


Ziva is a Hebrew name that means brilliance. It is a bold, self-assured name for a fierce, brilliant girl. 


Katniss is the courageous and tenacious protagonist of ‘The Hunger Games,’ is a name that embodies fortitude, ingenuity, and a spirit of survival. It’s a strong decision for a girl who takes on challenges head-on.


The name Raven radiates mystery, strength, and a sense of connection to the natural world, drawing inspiration from the shrewd and powerful bird. For a badass girl, it’s a different and daring option.


Greek in origin, Nyssa means to initiate into the mysteries, making it a distinctive and thought-provoking name for a girl who would reveal the mysteries of life and carve out her route.

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Rory is an Irish name that means red king, and it has a powerful, regal aura. It’s an assured name for a girl who will lead by example and forge her path.


This name, which is inspired by the bold and brave Lara Croft from “Tomb Raider,” evokes ideas of exploration, taking chances, and a desire for adventure. It’s ideal for a girl who travels the world without fear.


The unique Qyrena is a distinctive anglicization of the Greek name Kyrene, meaning lordly. It has the strength, confidence, and unwavering confidence of a real queen badass.


Aderyn is a rare Welsh name that means bird but carries symbols of strength and independence. For a bold, free-spirited lady with a high spirit, this is a subtle yet powerful option.

Beautiful Badass Girl Names And Their Meanings

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Given its Persian origins, which means powerful, Azura is a distinctive and unique name that exudes determination and ferocity. It’s ideal for the bold trailblazer.


Kira is an imposing, royal name for a strong girl who is destined for greatness, with roots in both Russian and Japanese that mean a ruler.

It radiates strength and authority.


The Persian name Roxana, which means bright is a brilliant, dazzling choice for a strong girl who brightens every space she walks into.

It feels powerful and self-assured.


Isla is a Spanish name that means island, and it stands for individualism, independence, and self-reliance.

For a girl with a free spirit, it’s a powerful name.


Anka is the Turkish word for phoenix, signifying resilience, rebirth, and emerging triumphant from the ashes.

It’s a distinctive, strong name for a tough, unstoppable fierce girl.


Given its Persian origins, which means brave, Azura is a distinctive and unusual name that evokes determination and ferocity.

It’s an ideal name for a brave fierce girl.


Fallon, an Irish name that means superior, is a bold and self-assured moniker for a strong girl who was destined to take charge.


Maia, according to Greek mythology, was Atlas’ daughter and a member of the Pleiades.

This name, which means the brave one, is ideal for a courageous little girl.


Leona means lioness in Latin. It’s a strong name that conjures up images of bravery, strength, and a fierce, guardian spirit.


The name Brianna, which has Celtic origins and means strong emanates inner strength, moral rectitude, and a ferocious spirit. 

Rare Badass Girl Names


Drusilla is a unique Roman name with an air of antiquity, strength, and unquestionable toughness.

This name means a strong one.


Opaline is a French name which means opal.

Opaline is a distinctive name inspired by gemstones that stands for inner power, tenacity, and a multifaceted badass personality.


Lorelei is a rare German name which means alluring. It’s a mesmerizing and fierce name that radiates confidence and mystery.

It’s a badass choice with mythological overtones of the stunning siren who enticed sailors to dock with her seductive melody.


Ysabeau is a French name that means beautiful and strong and embodies the characteristics of a fierce girl who is both gorgeous and brave.


Idony is a powerful and unique name for a capable, self-assured girl who creates her way.

It comes from rare Greek roots and means self-sufficient.


Revka is an uncommon Slavic name meaning lioness, which makes it an amazing, fierce, brave, and outrageously badass name suitable for a queen.


Komel is a Russian name which means unbending.

This name is for a powerful, unstoppable badass lady who doesn’t take no for an answer, 


This is a rare Scottish name Caillean means a young woman it’s a fascinating, almost ethereal choice for a strong, independent girl.


Brica is a unique Irish name which means strength. It’s simple but powerful for a tiny but fierce warrior.


Zafira is an Arabic name which means victorious.

It evokes a fierce personality that triumphs despite all obstacles.

Frequently Asked Questions About Strong Badass Girl Names

What makes a girl’s name badass?

A few essential characteristics define badass girl names: they sound strong, self-assured, and exude a feeling of ferocity or strength.

Numerous strong creatures, terms that convey bravery and resiliency, or historical or mythological warrior personalities inspire badass names.

They typically manage to retain the feminine and significant qualities of the name while having a wild vibe.

How to make an ordinary girl’s name badass?

An ordinary first name can sound edgier and bolder by picking a badass middle name, merging names (Audrey + Rica = Audrica), or spelling it creatively (Roxana to Roxanna). 

In Summary

This article has various strong badass names for parents looking for really rare and badass girl names that will motivate their girls to break glass ceilings and make a bold statement from birth.

These badass female names honour the unbreakable energies of courageous, boundary-pushing women everywhere, from the regal and legendary to the modern feminists.

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